Jewish Devour White Christian Newspapers and Publishing

How can I ever publish an autobiography about my White Christian life and expose Jews when the Jews control all the publishing and probably have for 1,000 years in Poland and Europe. It came to me like a bolt of lightening to look up the “New York World,” whose owner, Jewish Joseph Pulitzer, persecuted Mary […]

Zimmerman Martin, Brown Mexican, Part White, and Black

It was “NOT” a WHITE MAN that killed Trayvon Martin the black boy. We will only know the side of the story the Jews want us to know and since it was between a 1/2 brown Mex/1/2 White Zimmerman and a black, it doesn’t concern me, other than to alert us to the time and […]

The White Unicorn(s) United!

Hi All, I thought this was the easiest way to communicate with all of you on a subject each of us has been involved in to varying degrees. I spoke with Bea today, and it is her wish that the Executive Committee, rather than Bea, make the decision and handle the arrangements re admitting guests […]