Black Racist Oprah and her Jewish Dynasty

Racist Black Oprah Mother Goddess. I heard today of how Oprah had on her famous Book Club a book that was said to be “true” that wasn’t. “A Million Little Pieces.” And then again, in 2008, Oprah, the richest woman Jews made  in entertainment industry for White women to worship, has another hoax of a […]

Jews' Empire

Jews’ Empire! Here is famous Ginger Rogers, the highest paid actor/actress 1942. She surely didn’t know she was being used for race-breaking. But it this poster she is sitting on piano with black and white keys. It’s another Jew way of breaking white race down with this “black & white” theme. I have no hatred […]

Catholic White Poland saves Europe, Christianity, White Species

Poland, 1683, saved the White Species as well as Christianity, but all of White Europe was threatened and may have been wiped out hadn’t it been for one Polish General, Sobieski, with just 3000 Polish Christian White Soldiers. It’s odd but where Jews had propaganda that Hitler wanted to conquer all of Europe and he […]

Romney and Reid Fighting?

Romney & Reid are both Christian, Jesus Loving Mormons! Why are they fighting each other? Mormons are really connected to Jews, (white slaves) but they don’t drink, drug, smoke, no caffeine. I’d trust my sons’ welfare to their programs (less the Jews) than to blacks and the Jews with Obama.

Obama, Muslims, Jews… what about White Christianity?

I have written before the Jews are united as one, as a major religion, Muslims united as one brotherhood and “Not” damaged as White Christians have been for our millennium history, and they don’t drink, smoke, drug, eat well, and they themselves haven’t been damaged severely by wars, over and over and over again, as […]

Persecution by Whites / Jews

These quotes substantiate what I have read about also. It wasn’t just the persecution of the “early” Christians, but right through 1917, when Jews ganged up and massacred the Russian Czar, Czarina, 5 kids, spiritual healer Rasputan. Then took over government, 325 of 350 were Jews, and since there were not enough Jews to enter […]

“White” Art

Less you ever forget about “Saving the White (White Christians)” and aren’t they really “all” Christians or descendants of Christian ancestors. It has been only since Jew Communism lifted its hydra head, we have been in decline and genocide. Where the Jews and Commies did it to the White Russian Christians “physically” thru starvation, murder, […]

CIA: Katyn: Genocide of Polish Christians

Since the Jews covered up their crimes, one has to ‘reason’ to insert them. I am reading a report that our own CIA has on their website. It is heartbreaking and overwhelming. I can’t believe people go on day after talking talking about weather and sports, when these things such as Katyn were covered up, […]