"Must Watch "Synagogue of Satan" Full by Andrew Carrington Pt 1

Jew’s Murders of over 100,000,000 Whites, not to mention their Brown Middle East Neighbors. 4 + hours video. 1. Jew Sam Landman, Secretary World’s Zionist Organization, confesses Jews of USA brought the (Whites) of America into war. The Jews were only winners getting a declaration for them to eventually get land of Palestine so they […]

White General George Patton on the Dirty Filthy Jews

White General George Patton / Jews Not what “I” say about Jews, but what our most famous General of all time said about them and World War II. Not only Germans lost but the entire White Race lost to Communism and Jews. http://news4whites.blogspot.com/ “After a visit to ruined Berlin, he wrote his wife on July […]

Father Coughlin on Jews Communists

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFDuGNCxyl0]Wow! White! My spine is tingling and hairs standing on end! What a Speech Maker. Never in my life did I ever see anyone, like this White Priest speak of Communism and Jew, (or on any subject. This guy can talk with a capital T! His name is Father Coughlin (Cog-lynn) and he is speaking […]

Obama and Communist Destruction of Whites, White Christianity and USA

Obama Communist. As I listen to Rense com in interview of “Dreams of my “Real” Father” DVD, Joel Gilbert, I correct below where I said “true” father below in title, since my mind thinks of ‘true’ not ‘Jew lie’ Gilbert talks of Obama’s roots in Communism and death for Whites and Deaths for Christians since […]

Animal farm, Jew Communism, Obama Communist, White Genocide

Obama & Jewish Communism: George Orwell, (author “1984” and “Big Brother’s domination”) penned the book “Animal Farm.” Where the Jewish pigs overthrow the White Christian Czar and Czarina and use their spiritual healer as the catalyst for the revolution. As George Orwell wrote “if you don’t change history with your writing; don’t write.” I think […]

Mayflower Baby: Oceanus

Ancestry: My husband’s ancestry shows that is ancestor, Stephen Hopkin’s wife on first ship to colonize America, “The Mayflower” had a baby while on the Mayflower. I think the only one. She named it “Oceanus” similar to the notes I’m taking of George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” on (Jewish) Communism, and Orwell refers to “Oceania” […]

Jews, Animal Farm, George Orwell, White Race

George Orwell, Jews, “Animal Farm” & Communism: Who are the pigs? From yahoo com, in Orwell’s book, “Animal Farm” here is clip of an answer to Jewish Communists who sought and “did” take over the world. And it started in 1917 assaulting and murdering and plundering the White Russia, before that for 900 years my […]

“White” Art

Less you ever forget about “Saving the White (White Christians)” and aren’t they really “all” Christians or descendants of Christian ancestors. It has been only since Jew Communism lifted its hydra head, we have been in decline and genocide. Where the Jews and Commies did it to the White Russian Christians “physically” thru starvation, murder, […]

Muslims: Jew Commies “First” Victims

As President Nixon (who was brought down by Jews) said, “Let me one thing perfect clear,” after my last email: The White German Nazis were fight Jewish led Russian Communists. These same Jew led Communists got the yellow Chinese by the hairs of the back of their head, and my deceased US Marine husband fought […]