Jewess Spy: Monica Lewinsky

Democrat Jewess Spy: Monica Lewin’sky.’ Remember ‘sky’ at end of name is a Jew that barged their way into breeding with highest royalty of Poland. Mama’s name is “Kopaczew-ski” meaning Polish White Christian royalty. Now in Poland, first lady is Jewish after her predecessor died at Katyn massacre site, or was it “murder” of First […]

Jews, SPLC, Wisconsin Shooting

I’m going on with a lot of of my “ideas.” It’s public. I started posting nice costumes, but then I started to do “Confederate” type costumes and my well-grounded beliefs and “experiences” which few whites are coming forward to relate or even understand, or even stop fighting against…. start emerging. Jewess Shelley Berkeley with […]

Race and the American Prospect

I had made a comment on the Stormfront Show, that the South was brainwashed after the Civil War as Germany was.   Now I said that “off the top of my head,” for my study is limited of the South, and only since my Gone With the Wind, am I studying more, although I did […]

Halloween: Man in the Box

I think I told you that I talked to a lady at a fabric store in Mississippi and told her about the Confederate gowns I was making. I also expressed by sympathy for the bad deal the Southerners got during the war. She then cried, “It was not ‘the war,’ that was so bad, but […]

Halloween: Goddess of Fire, Devil and Georgia

Costume today:  Goddess of Hell Fire by Arthur Brown. I have a She-Devil costume with make-up, cape, etc.  I think you will get a kick out of the antics of this guy.  If you look at other videos you can see that the Jewish group, Kiss, copied his antics, and they probably started groups for […]

Dr. David Duke back on Youtube. Hooray!

Check out Dr. Duke’s latest video on youtube on Jewish “women” seducing Gentile (White) men.  Does Monica Lewinsky ring a bell and the $40,000,000.00 “con job” for court costs to try to impeach President Clinton from the South, who was a Jewish scapegoat.  The Jews wanted this Jewess Mati Hari spy to set up the […]

Hindus from India: Answers by Tech Support

As I told you, I had computer problems, so Acer recommended a computer service. It was $129.99.  They did “not” fix any of the things that I called them for.  I was dealing with Hindus or India people.  They are heartless & will hurt our White people at any cost so “they” will advance, especially […]

Lady Gaga and Harry Reid This article is also on Fox News, the TV news I was on when I went to see Sharon Angle, the woman running against Harry Reid for the Senate. (She’s supported by Tea Party.)   But isn’t it odd that I go to see Sharon Angle, and anyone that has seen my many costumes, […]

9/11 Jews, Jews and more Jews

There are so many named Jews in this video below it boggles the mind, and that is how the Jews got to be Supremacists by keeping our minds boggled and bogged down with an endless array of distractions.  To the Jews this reality is just like being characters in a movie. While we go about our […]

Affirmative Action Against Jews

I’m forward this email, and would like to add a comment.    Yes, “fire” all the Jews.  Well, perhaps as a starter, we Whites who are so concerned and have been duped about “equality” for it cost us our race and our sanity, at least when viewed through the lens of Nature, perhaps as a […]