Jewess Lies: Helene Berr

Jewess’ creep into my life, even though I avoid them on TV, radio, books, movies, etc. I’m listening to Creative Writing CD’s and it’s third time World War II is brought in. White German man is ‘evil’ and ‘spy.’ When in fact they wanted to save White race as their motive, and to bring back […]

Superman Comic Book

Addicted: Jewish Comic Books: Since my Daddy worked for Jewish Fawcett Comic Books and Book Publishing, I speak from autobiographical experience. I’ve already show Toronto Canada’s Ernst Zundel who showed how (Jew Comics) were portraying White Christian Germans as evil, monsters, ugly faces, cruel, murderous. Zundel spoke of how that hatred against Germans was being […]

Off Your Knees, Germany Part 4

[youtube=] Since Ernst Zundel is in Canada, if I ever wanted to publish my own book where my emails first started 9 years ago in Chicago, the person that I sent them to was from Canada. Under the Jew-Commie type rule in Canada this person would be sent to prison for even accepting these youtubes […]

Off Your Knees, Germany

[youtube=] Part 3.  The Jews assaulted Ernst Zundel’s rights by insinuating that he was guilty worse than a murderer, a robber, a rapist, or a serial killer or Jewish embezzler, by saying that Zundel’s statement that there were not 6,000,000 jews killed at Auschwitz Poland.  The fact is that even Auschwitz changed their sign from […]

Off Your Knees, Germany Part 2


Off Your Knees, Germany Part 1

Part 1 video below: Several years ago, when I first became enlightened to the truth of World War II, the Jews genociding White Race and not the twisted other way around that we have been taught, I found the Ernst Zundel Videos.  There weren’t that many on youtube, and I commented how much they meant […]

Auschwitz Poland Lies David Cole Jew

[youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] I’m sending this to a man in Poland who is a guard at the Poland Work Camps in Poland for Jews who commented on my website.  You may have seen these videos. I saw them when I was watching all of Ernst Zundel’s video.  I’m hoping he will be brave […]

Well, it has been a very festive, holy, and thought-provoking Christmas. I’m grateful for the opportunity and ability to express these deep emotions that have been in me since childhood although haven’t had time, place, money, ideas for expression. I’m totally grateful to have given a tribute to our beloved baby Caucasian Jesus and Mary […]