Jewish Wars, Genocide, Starvation pictures

1915: The famous years of the Jew Federal Reserve Bank, Jew World War I for their rights and land, Jewish Russian Revolution. Were Jews involved in this “genocide,” of Armenians? Some very graphic pictures of what it was like in my Daddy’s town of Galicia Austria Poland when Jews starved “these White Christian innocent people […]

Toronto Canadian Ernst Zundel's Attacked by Jewish Canadian Groups.

Toronto Canadian German Threatened by Jews! I was listening to some “Creative Writing” CD’s. After an “easing” intro, the teacher sets up a World War II scene. A woman, and a man…. but as she stretches story out, she asks “Could the man be a “Geerrrrmannn Spy!” Making “German” sounds scary, using the “height of […]

Notes from Greg Johnson on the Jews Against Whites One guy wrote down some major points: MOB Posted August 4, 2012 at 8:30 am | Permalink Excellent interview. Some points I jotted down: 1. The corporate elites have seceded from our nation, they’ve become internationalists; they’re not concerned with our survival or welfare. 2. We need to broaden our way of thinking about […]

Jewish Supremacists to Start Killing Off Old (White) People!

Since most of our White population is “elderly” and many badly damaged from brainwashing to the mind, heart and body, Whites have placed their final days in the hands of our enemies. The 92% of the world is already spending our insurance money, inheritance, and the “security” we have slaved for. We tried so hard […]

Finally, Woman Exposes 9/11

“EXTREME PREJUDICE” by Susan Lindauer. Finally, a book that talks about the “Prejudice” against us, not the blacks, or Jews, or Muslims. It’s great to see someone, a woman, at the highest level exposing more facts about 9/11 instead of the usual Jewish cover-ups of their own crimes and trails. Also to note that her […]

My Poland and Quiz on Russia

I only got 7 out of 20. And hadn’t I been recently studying about Russian history it surely would have been ‘0’. One of my objectives in doing my writing, was the research into who I am as a European American and our European history, geography, culture, food, music, art. But enjoying this test of […]

“Martha” and “Jenny”

As you know, I’ve been on Jenny Jones Show which changed history and turned into American Idol. While the Whites were pooh-poohing it, the Jews saw the gold in it and turned it into gold. Lot more $$$ for Israeli Polish Jewish nuclear weapons, which may be used against Europe when Jews and Muslims unite […]

David Duke Radio Transcript 2-3-12

DD: I believe in freedom of speech, and all other principles of human freedom, are at stake. They can murder you, threaten you, persecute you and no one will know about it if you can’t talk about it. The Jewish editor, Edward Adler, called for the assassination of Obama, but “that” isn’t called “hate” speech, […]

Qaddafi: (White) President Kennedy Killed by Israeli Agents

Here is a speech that Quadhafi gave before his death. He clearly singles out Israel and demands that the powers make them accountable for nuclear weapons, since as usual, (Polish Jews) of Israel get off scot free and are “above the law,” or “change the law” so their crimes are applauded. Interesting is that Qaddafi, […]