Deadly Black and Yellow Skeletonizer!

    !!Black & Yellow Skeletinizer Worm Devours and tries to murder my two grape plants. See other post below for actual murderer. Those worms are “evil” they are not poor, helpless, or creatures of God. They are deadly. They nearly destroyed my entire 2 helpless innocent and productive grape plants. I saw my plants […]

Jewish Idols

Jews & Poland: “An old Latin proverb proclaimed that the Polish Commonwealth was “heaven for the Nobles” “purgatory for the townsfolk” “hell for the peasants” and “Paradise for the Jews.” (HAGEN. p. 13) As I wrote that Jews barged into Poland fleeing from massacres by both German and French townspeople since the government and churches […]

Hitler as Christian

Hitler-Youth Nazi. Here’s quote of Hitler on his “being Christian.” Remember he and Eva were not only raised Christian, but she was in nunnery, and his paintings were of fine German church architecture of Jesus on Cross. I will put his painting attached to this. I’m studying the CD’s for Creative Writing and as I […]

Old Mormon Fort, Las Vegas founders

Mormon Fort Soldier-Vegas. All Whites should be┬ástudying this and taking the good in how to survive. Although Mormons founded Vegas, for 2 years, one Mormon acted as “interpreter” with Indians for Civil War. President Lincoln was, I believe, not onlly at war with South, but country of Mexico. Now Mexicans invade us and we laugh, […]

"The Jazz Singer" Jew Al Jolson, Black Face: President Obama & Rahm Emanuel, gay?

Jew Al Jolson: First movie ever as talkie. Jews stole White man, Thomas Edison’s movie machine and fled to Hollywood. Almost all movies we have ever seen were made and are made by “Jews.” They had an agenda to takeover the USA and world, not Hitler. Jews used mind tricks, called reverse psychology on us. […]

Ancestry, Polish, Grandma's Death Certificate

Polish ancestry: Grandma Kopaczewski Death Certificate. It shows that she died of cirrhosis of liver, associated with alcohol. Grandma and Grandpa had home distilleries.After all, Jews got both Russians and Polish used to drinking as their slaves, and it’s how they used that as a tool to bankrupt us, then starve us to death. In […]

Jew, Rahm Emanuel and Black President Obama our first "homosexual" Couple running USA?

Here’s vid of Axel Rose, “Sweet Child of Mine” which I have performed in karaoke, with a rock band. It’s so literally electrifying to have had that privilege especially at my age. My nephew, posted below, looks like Axel Rose for my nephew had long blonde hair and thin like Axel. I notice on video […]

Bert the Polak, White Polish Christian Slave for Jews?

Brother, Bert the Polak’s Mausoleum. Brother Bert was the “King” in our large family. He helped build Miami as a carpenter when he left Chicago after marriage. But it was the Jews that took over Miami, and then Jews brought in all their different colored slaves, as you can see Hollywood and Vegas, both Jewish, […]

Austria: My Ancestry along with Poland

Ancestry: Hitler, Austria. I was shocked when I realized thru ancestry study that my folks on Daddy’s side showed “Austria!” I was more shocked when I looked up famous Austrians that “Hitler’s” name popped up first! It took me 6 years to get over the fact that I might be related to him. But what […]