French Revolution and Haiti

As I wrote in other emails that it is no mere coincidence that USA gets Constitution 1787, then Poland (of all places where Jews called “home,” Paradise, and “Kingdom of heaven” for 900 years, gets 1st European Constitution 1791. Then in 1793, the King Louis, and Queen Marie Antoinette are sent to the guillotine and […]

I'll be on Talk Radio; Hitler Personality

I will be on internnet radio at 4 p.m. Pacific Time, Sunday, May 16, 2010, on Pastor Eli’s radio show.  It will be archived and I can send you the link later. I’m looking forward to the hour interview.  It will cover my ideas on being Polish and how I discovered through my own reasoning […]

White Raced Suburbia

Just a quick email.  I’m scrubbing my White carpets, changing air filters for furnace, and scrubbing blacks stains off .   But as I was adding hot water to Bissell Steam Rug Cleaner, which I own, I thought of something about the medical.   Also, a word that I heard on the radio that there […]

No aid for Black Haitians, Jewish Talmud, Lynchings of Whites

As I sit here this a.m. and listen to the Wizard of Oz, by ToyBox , a dance-rock group, I just happened to find this article about “lynching.” I don’t know much about it, and before my husband’s White suicide, I would have thought that Southern White men were “evil.” I not only don’t believe, […]

Haiti Earthquake, China Earthquake, Obama's Grandmother's Death, Gas Prices, Collapse of Economy, and 9/11

Amos and Andy Picture  Please open picture.  I will make reference to it below. I cannot seem to copy and paste pictures in the body of my blog as I am just learning how to use this.   I heard on the news about the Haiti tragedy.  The one that let I had been writing […]