Michelle Obama's Face on my Computer: Off with it!

Michelle Obama’s face on my computer. I go on websites geared towards the young, and that is how Jews genocided us. Jew marketers and advertisers made sure her face is grinning her many White teeth so that you can’t look at your site until you look at her. I instead, immediately dart my eyes away […]

Evanescence: Wake Me Up Inside

Evanescence: When I posted story of one of my suicide attempts not just for me but the baby I thought I’d might be carrying, I ended it with the word “Evanescent.” It didn’t fit in and wondered how that word popped into my head. I was going to change it but then looked it up. […]

ps. Halloween Dead Babies

Just a ps to my long email on just some of the problems that the White race faces that we can do something about, and the solutions. I should have thought of this first, but $$ has never been my God like the Jewess’. Problem: White babies born already in debt $132,000.00 (I read, with […]

Halloween: Dead Babies (White)

Here is the song “Dead Babies” that I will be singing and below are a long list of “problems” and “solutions” that need to be tackled for Whites.I never saw this version before. It is horrific. But it is also “symbolic” of how Whites kill their own babies, thru abortion, and also the words that […]

Halloween Jews: Warning to Whites!

Sorry to bother you, but I am studying my Halloween songs for karaoke. Just as I used to put every single essay into a google search to find out if Jewish wrote them (and many were including essays I was forced to read about Jewish homosexuality), I study my music. I love the song ‘Ghost […]

Halloween Song: Gravedigger, Willie Nelson

My Polish White Daddy was gravedigger during the “Great Depression.” His life was one “Great Depression,” although he always tried to hide that fact. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzz8jG2SO1Y]

Halloween: Just one More Witch

I have done several witches for Halloween, and coming up my after-Halloween treat, the Wicked Witch of the West, from the Wizard of Oz. Dedicated to the “Wizards” of the Klan for a special treat from a devoted and appreciate fan of men who roamed the South “protected women and children,” from the big Bad […]

Halloween: Man in the Box

I think I told you that I talked to a lady at a fabric store in Mississippi and told her about the Confederate gowns I was making. I also expressed by sympathy for the bad deal the Southerners got during the war. She then cried, “It was not ‘the war,’ that was so bad, but […]

Halloween: Welcome to my Breakdown

Here’s an Alice Cooper I’ve done before in karaoke, but I found this video with a black suit with tails. I used to be a tuxedoed waitress and I have the tails, pants, etc.  (That is when I worked at the #1 Catering Company in Chicago as the Human Resource Development of Employees Director.  Also […]