Autobiography Draft Chapter 5

Chapter 5 It’s 1953, and baby time again! This time the baby wasn’t Mama’s but my oldest sister, Jeana and Johnny,  who lived in the apartment upstairs. Mama said that when Jeana went to the hospital to deliver, the first thing Mama did was to get a breast pump to encourage her to breast feed. […]

1969 Yellow and Black Camaro

  1967 Dodge Charger. When I first me my husband, US Marine, Purple Heart, he had a car similar to the one on Dukes of Hazzard. It looked something like this, but he didn’t keep his cars long as I have to now. I also used to get new cars every three years, but life […]

Superman Comic Book

Addicted: Jewish Comic Books: Since my Daddy worked for Jewish Fawcett Comic Books and Book Publishing, I speak from autobiographical experience. I’ve already show Toronto Canada’s Ernst Zundel who showed how (Jew Comics) were portraying White Christian Germans as evil, monsters, ugly faces, cruel, murderous. Zundel spoke of how that hatred against Germans was being […]

Worshipping Jews as “gods,” in Israel, Jews in America

Here’s typical website of how Whites “worship” Jews as mortals, rather than a spiritual God. Note how he says, “he won’t remain silent.” Yet Whites have been silenced totally regarding the Jews genociding us, and of our own disposition to worship “them.” I believe in what is called humanly as “miracles,” for I’ve experienced and […]

Jewish Communist Wanted Extermination of Scottish and Polish

Thank you for asking me to define that. I appreciate so much your interest.   The title of the video is “Why killing is essential to Communism.”  The site is “anti”-Communism.   He says that Communists believe that when social revolution happens there will be “primitive” societies two stages behind because they are not capitalists […]

Don't Cry Out Loud

Just one last p.s.  Here’s another tear-jerker karaoke video.  I used to hear it in the psyche ward, when Fred the White Man with blonde hair and blue eyes, would play this in the Music Therapy Room where we could listen to music as patients. He end up giving me 3 albums. The Beatles’ Sgt. […]