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Whites as Chosen of God, not Jews. This live show is about how Jews blame Catholic Church as “rulers” of World. When Jews have written back decades ago they control world, and definitely USA, Whites, our Tax $$$.  I have written about Christian Identity as far back as 9/09/09 on my blog and I think […]

9/11 Stranger than Fiction, Part 2, 1 of 2, Jews and 9/11

[youtube=] Jew (Zionists) and 9/11. Sigh. 9 hours of straight fast typing & research. Here’s another 1/2 part of videos I discovered around 2005, when I put in “Jew” and “9/11” These are well known facts just sewn together. Dr. David Duke discusses some of these facts regularly. My notes: Jews broke Great Britain Whites […]