Jew Ariel Sharon, Massacrist and Butcher, gets off scot free

Jew Ariel Sharon dies. But first know that his own Jew Rabbi put an ancient devilish death curse on him. Here’s from Wiki to show you how diabolical the Jews really are. The Rabbi went ballistic at his fellow Jews. Jew Rabin was murdered after the curse, and shortly after that by some witchery Sharon […]

Reversing the horrors Jews did to White men and put it back on them in videos etc.

ps. Jews made that video by Cher, “Strong Enough” see below to smash the White man. But now let’s see if I reverse it and sing that to the Jews. Make them the pulverized to ashes fools as they did to the White man. Now when I see the Jew children TV bashing Santa’s Heel […]

Lesbianism and Cher

Cher’s Lesbianism. Cher is part Red Indian and believe me her Jewish producers played that “feel sorry for the lazy Red Indian” for 400 years sob story. Also her husband, who put her on the map when he did all the work to build her up when she was scared to death, Sonny Bono, probably […]

Jewess Lauen Bacall's dirty work against White male and race

Jewess Lauren Bacall. Here’s her Jewess Bio on Jewish Wikipedia which glorifies themselves. Note the current President of Jewish Polish Crime capital and abortion capital of the world… Israel… and her current President… is her relative!!!! Quaint workings and shannigans which Whites know nothing of. You whites really need to learn Jew names to know […]

Stevie Nix, Fleetwood Mac

White Stevie Nix: Fleetwood Mac She still does quite a job on interviews and entertainment. As I wrote on FB before, my Viet Vet loved their album “Rumors” and at one his many parties for his Frito lay employees in sales, he’d play the album over and over all night long. We’d dance. I was […]

Jew Commies Kill off White Competition: Smartest White males, Germans. Chinese Yellow Commies kill of their Competition, Japanese.

Jew Communist/Yellow Chinese Communist Empire: (First on my advertisements on right on facebook is lesbian Ellen Degenerate whom all the White women say they “love.” It is how Jews cursed our women into lesbianism which is glorified hatred against White male. Jews don’t want to just kill the White man but watch him suffer constantly. […]

Jesus whipped Jews and Obamas hysterical laughter over White welfare!

p.s. Jews were whipped by one person, one White person alone…. all by himself… his name… Jesus Christ. See the poem below how the White woman whipped her kids for she had too many, as Mama whipped me. Odd but the Jewess never got whipped in history. They even taught the White Southerners to whip […]

No one, but Jesus whipped the Jews

White Poverty under Jewish Masters. My sister, Ros-o-day died, the White slave in our large family of 15. In Poland, under the 900 year Jewish empire, they would encourage large breeding of families for more free or cheap labor and plenty of boy and white female sex, as in Israel today importing poor White girls […]

Jewess Tyranny Ruler of Federal Reserve Bank

Jewess Ruler: New Federal Reserve Bank Tyrant, Janet Yellen. Now we have Black Michelle Obama ruling the entire world and a Jewess ruling our White banks. Don’t the White women give a damned? Or the White men? Jews forced the Federal Reserve on Whites (Christian descendants) 100 years ago and took all our money, thru […]

Everly Brothers, Phil, dies at 74. Also doctor accuses me of having hallucinations and delusions regarding the beating I got at karaoke recently.

Sorry about Phil Everly’s death. For all practical purposes White music is dead even though elderly Whites have 80% of the money in this country. All they do is abuse us. In little doses, so¬† by the time we get into nursing homes they can wipe the floors with us like white used up rags. […]