Jewess Emma Goldman Incited Republican President McKinley’s Assassination, 1901

September 6, 1901, USA – White President William McKinley. Leon Frank Czolgosz was a Russian-Pole. Violent Jewess leader, anarchist and lecturer, Emma Goldman, started Jew Marxist Communism in White America. In his confession, Leon said that (the Jewess) ignited his fire to kill President McKinley! He said he couldn’t shoot the bullets fast enough, she filled him […]

St. Anne Frank's Tree Smashed Down

What topic arouses more interest, only next to the Italian that changes costumes, Lady Gaga, of course St. Anne Frank who died of lice and bugs and filth.  I wouldn’t read the whole thing for we know too much about her anyway, but even though the storm totally knocked the tree over that is called […]

Jewish Shrunken Heads and Human Skin Lampshades

  You can see what the Jews have done to the White man of today. Now they expect the White man to heal himself or die along with our Race. Where is the restitution for this madness against our men? I can’t even think let alone write anymore my emotions are so hurt.  Sometimes that […]