Jews and Journalism

“Physical degradation follows closely on moral degradation. This is strongly remarked upon the Jews who of all races is the most depraved.” Lavater The book, “The American Jew” Expose… tells a story of a Jewish boy growing up in Austria Hungry. Schools were expensive in Europe but found a really good one. (Jews will use tax […]

Sad, Sad, White me at 5

White Sad Me & family. My keyboard crashed and is corrupted. Manufacturer sending new one for it’s still  new. I’m typing on min-computer, so forgive typing. In my “Great Courses” CD on Creative Writing, the homework was to take pix of family from past, think of different characters and write interesting, but since itis “non-fiction” […]

9/11 Stranger than Fiction Part 3: Jews and 9/11

[youtube=] Jews & 9/11. Part 3 My computer crashed and lost the notes I was to send you. I’ll send them again. These videos were corrupted and taken off internent youtube when I wrote Jewish media about what I was discovering. I didn’t know radio was Jewish owned/operated. I’ve been writing for about 8 hours […]

Krebs, Hitler Suicide

“White Flag” “Krebs” Hitler’s Right hand man, who “apparently” commit suicide after Hitler and Mrs. Hitler, the pedigreed German Shepherds, Blonde and pups, & the Goebbels’ and their 6 highly bred with health and character children, all died from poison and bullets to head. Sounds like Jewish assassination of Czar, Czarina, family, Spiritual healer, Rasputan, […]

Polish Jews Israel vs. other Semites Palestinians

Barbara Ann Nowak Jewish Israel & also Semitic Palestine. Here is an interesting site. I wrote below wondering what unemployment rate for Jews is in America, and I’m assuming “0%” for since we were their slaves I never heard of a “poor” Jew or “unemployed.” I gave the reasons below. But this website does show […]

White Universe; Words that rhyme with White to save our White species

Since White people are not technically “White” but Light Beige, here’s this quiz from I can’t believe a loving Light Beige Universe would want its Light Beige People to be genocided. I think that might be a clue to how we can survive. Instead of asking for “White Rights,” in a formerly White […]

Jew War-Man Wars against White Male Professor and Sadly Wins

The Jewish “War-Man” of Canada has agitated against White man of Saskatchewan to first get him fired from a “University” job, and then reduce him to poverty, despair, rejection by his fellow man, including family. The Jews call it a “hate” trial. But then the Jews never called their mental assassination, torture, and then physical […]

Polish Alcohol Highest Level: Jews? Why?

When relative had tragic experience with a .389 blood level, I was told anything around .300 is alcohol poisoning and .400 can be death. My other son sent me this Wiki article describing what alcohol blood level is, especially when driving. The son drinking was on a bicycle and had been drinking, from what I […]

Believe God or Believe Jews

Just a quick email as my computer has not been working right, although proclaimed virus-free. (Been working with agencies for 11 days now, but this is normal fare since I started writing controversial emails to the media over 10 years ago. (I’m putting the movies I reference here, in case you just want to watch […]

David Duke’s Video 6-18-12

It is hopeful to know at least one White man stands up and has the balls to confront the Jews, the genociders not only of the White Race, but of Palestinians, which I’m thinking may be relatives to Jesus. How the Jews really do a double whammy against Whites is to make sure in our […]