Wild Irish Rose

I found the article on President Nixon’s love letters to Pat Nixon and a “new” image of what the Jews destroyed him with. It is well known that the Christian Billy Graham and Politician President Nixon were both talking on secret tapes that the Jews were destroying this country. Then it seemed that the Jewish […]

Halloween: Sinead O'Connor Part 2 lyrics

Sorry for too many emails but I need to complete the thoughts as they come to me and I’m tired and want to go to sleep.   Here are the lyrics for the bald headed woman. As you know, after I wore it a few years ago, Brittney Spears “supposedly” had a fake nervous breakdown […]

Irish music Goodnight Irene Willie Nelson

Here is old Wailin’ Willie Nelson singing a song I’ve done in karaoke several times.  Matter of fact I’m extending my Irish Karaoke to 9 songs, more than I’ve given any character.   But just one autobiographical note about the name “Irene.”  I went to St. Mary Magdalene Polish Catholic Grammar school.  In 1960, I […]

Oh Danny Boy and Gone With the Wind

As I slave away at my costume of Scarlett O’Hara I wanted to listen to some Irish music which I love dearly. I think since Irish and Polish have traditionally had the largest White familes we have that in common that we treasure “babies” and families more than $$$.    I want to portray Scarlett […]