Wild Irish Rose

I found the article on President Nixon’s love letters to Pat Nixon and a “new” image of what the Jews destroyed him with. It is well known that the Christian Billy Graham and Politician President Nixon were both talking on secret tapes that the Jews were destroying this country. Then it seemed that the Jewish […]

Irish Riverdance Tap Dancing

When you watch this actually put yourself mentally on stage and it is “you” performing, a man doing a man’s part, a woman doing the woman’s part. Your feet are doing what theirs are. Your arms are straight at your sides. You are wearing the clothes they have on, or invent what you think you’d […]

I might be Celtic!

I know you thought you heard it all from me, I mean how much more can I come up with after all these exhausting pages. I recently bought a darling pair of long stockings with glitter that say “Kiss me I’m Irish.” (I already have a homemade necklace that says it and have kissed many […]

Halloween: Sinead O'Connor Part 2 lyrics

Sorry for too many emails but I need to complete the thoughts as they come to me and I’m tired and want to go to sleep.   Here are the lyrics for the bald headed woman. As you know, after I wore it a few years ago, Brittney Spears “supposedly” had a fake nervous breakdown […]

Chicago Haymarket Massacre

I write fast and from memory, but if my memory serves me right, it was a dumb polak jew that instigated this riot.   I “KNOW FOR A FACT,” when protesting with the White People’s Party that it was a dumb polak jew across the street that was egging us on.   At the end, after […]

Oh Danny Boy and Gone With the Wind

As I slave away at my costume of Scarlett O’Hara I wanted to listen to some Irish music which I love dearly. I think since Irish and Polish have traditionally had the largest White familes we have that in common that we treasure “babies” and families more than $$$.    I want to portray Scarlett […]

Hitler's Speech 1940

The following speech was given by Hitler in 1940.  He was the greatest speech maker every, and Obama isn’t even worthy to tie his shoe laces for Obama speaks for the Jews to the blacks/browns/yellows/red and “not” the Whites.   Although his wording is “harsh” when he says “crushing” Poland but what was Poland then […]

White Irish and the American Civil War

Was listening in the am to Voice of Reason, Peter Shcaenk, and there a thought that really stood out to me.   The Whites lost 2,000,000 White men in the Civil War for the sake of “Blacks.”  Whites not only didn’t “gain” by the war, but the Whites lost their freedom, their rights, their land, their […]