Jews (Israel) Attack (White) USS Liberty Ship & Still Covered Up Jewish crimes.

13 hours of continuous typing and research on this 9/11 remembrance day. I’m spent and exhausted and that is how Jews like our White peopel to be, while they barely do a thing to get their trillions. Jews (Israel) attacks (White) USS Liberty ship & gets away.. again… scot free! Here’s a full length movie […]

Criminals "Flee to Jewish Israel."

There’s every kind of crime imaginable Jews committed world wide and historical dating back to #1 Crime Syndicate Jewish Murder Inc. where the Jewish thugs, rapists, murderers, spies, money scamming, etc. leave country they are living in and trouble making it & “flee” to Israel. Now you are beginning to understand the crimes Jews assaulted […]

Assassination of Yasser Arafat? Poisoned?

A nine month study done in Europe regarding the death of Yasser Arafat was completed and it is assuming a sort of poison killed him, like radiation. After skimming Press TV the Jewish Mossad name was mentioned, but there are more investigations. I guess I’m not the only one wanting an autopsy. They can’t give […]

Elvis: Miracle of the Rosary

This email is only for those that are religious, and although I do not pray the rosary, God hears all prayers. We just need to hear Him. I know there are those that don’t believe, so you may not want to read this, but it was an extraordinary miracle from my childhood. It was March […]

Eddie Funeral, Wife and Family

Here is what I wrote a Polish male friend of the family, also studied for priest. He went to the wake but I was delayed and didn’t get to see him. He is a retired French Teacher. I was distraught worse of all when my brother’s eldest son went to step on my mother’s grave, […]

White Brother’s Funeral

Here’s what I requested to sing at Eddie Funeral. His wife and their German family and their German family didn’t want me his sister there nor my poor family there, because of  our poverty and our idiosyncrasies we suffer from it. She certainly didn’t want me singing.  Do you think God will reward her with […]

TSA Agents: White Suicide

I have added media emails to relay my story of my protest against the illegals and why are TSA agents at Chicago Ohare but not on the borders of Mexico, since our worse danger is from them. This information will also reach Europe, and hopefully will be forwarded to other White countries since statistics at […]

“Watch You Bleed” Jewish words to Whites on Tee Shirt

As if the last tee shirt I sent you that the Jews use to “torture” us, here is one that says “Watch you Bleed.” And yes, Jews are not only watching us on their private TV, but they are “watching us as they suck every drop of blood from us both in labor and $$$ […]

Jew Jesus Tee Shirt Axl Rose Guns n Roses

I was sent this video on my new website: queenofkaraoke1 ……… I already have subscribers and am getting emails. If the Whites knew that I started American Idol, perhaps I would get one or two more. But Jews get 400,000,000 with their Lady Gaga creation. It made me cry, which I’m glad to have my […]