Jew Movie: The Terror, Jews are the real terrorists of the world

Jew Movie: “The Terror.” This movie is mentioned in last post. There is only one terrorist: the Jews monopoly over us. Terror is the extreme state of fear, and as long as Jews can keep us afraid, which is constantly with wars, and these crazy hoaxes they pass off as news, and elections, and wars, […]

Jew Monopoly Federal Reserve Bank

Jewish Monopoly: Federal Reserve Bank: 100 years of White $$. And we thought it was going for “White” Rights and solving White problems. It was going for Jews and non-Whites around the world and “against” us. As I sent a huge package to the FCC, Federal Communications Commission who overview TV, radio, movies, (I think […]

Jews & Petroleum

“After having lived in this manner, 150 years, (the Christian Faith) the Jews remain as faithful to their belief as when the day they set foot in France.” The Original Mr. Jacobs (year 1888.) The Petroleum business in USA is in one hands that is Semite. (I’m sure today, 124 years later it is same. […]

No Records of Nazis and Hitler Extermination of Jews

Hitler’s aid, Himmler: “Don’t Kill the Jews.” but also “They want to put a ‘noose’ around our (White) neck!” There is no order of any Nazi to kill the Jews. Jews have recently tried to ‘conjure’ one like a phony Obama birth certificate, but I won’t buy it. It’s only cause me and others have […]