Ancestry: Lil Orphan Annie Cartoon "Is it libel if it's true?

When I studied ancestry in Chicago I went to newspaper microfilm department to see what the headlines and cartoon was for the day I was born. August 21, 1947. Here’s what Lil Orphan Annie says: I like when she asks for “Truth: “Is it libel if it’s true?” See the date in first box. They […]

Southern Whites, Jews, Civil War, Medicine, Alcohol for Pain

This is a really neat video of a young boy singing Danny Boy. But one should really do a study how Jewish war has brought down the White male’s DNA, mind, heart and even Christianity. If one keeps praying to God to stop the war and bloodshed and suffering, to have another war appear […]

Polish Slaves for Jews Independence Day

I was trying to look up a song for “Independence Day.” I have done “God Bless the USA” many, many times. I came across this one and wept, for the little 8 year old girl feeling trapped and scared was me. In this video set in the South, it is the father who drinks and […]

White Russian Victims & Jew Bolsheviks, Cannibalism

It is frightening to see the history that has been covered up. It is more scary to know that our schools are filled with memorizing lies to keep their Communist Jewish gods. It was the Jew gang that killed the Czar and family of Russia. As the Jews planned the guillotine of the last Queen […]