White Universe; Words that rhyme with White to save our White species

Since White people are not technically “White” but Light Beige, here’s this quiz from ask.com. http://quizzes.ask.com/What_color_is_the_universe?&qqa=Purple I can’t believe a loving Light Beige Universe would want its Light Beige People to be genocided. I think that might be a clue to how we can survive. Instead of asking for “White Rights,” in a formerly White […]

Whites: Your Children: Jew, Red, Brown, Black, Hindu, 1/2 breed, Yellow

If anyone asks “How many children do you have, White person?”  what would you answer? No children, or 2 children?   Think carefully about this.  For whatever taxes you have paid, or even excessive doctor’s, lawyer’s costs, even tickets for a Jewish movie, you are paying for “their” children.   A parent pays for the […]

Black man wants David Duke for President!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gg45j6Da58&feature=player_embedded#!] Believe it or not!  This Black Man is smarter than most of the Whites when it comes to our self-preservation. How did “he” figure it out and the more educated the Whites are the dumber they got. If the Whites die, so will the blacks, for the Jews used both of us for their […]