Jew Comedy Against Whites: Jack Benny as Meyer Rothchild, Banking Richest man ever lived.

Old Time Radio show 143,  #25 on list below, Jews entertain us their slaves with attacks against us… hidden ones. I wonder if anyone in world or audience picked this up. I suppose so. Show starts with Jew bragging about another Jew. Great violinist and talent. They chat about Atlantic City New Jersey, and recently […]

Jew Jack Benny as Banker Rothchild Radio Show to Pulverize White Radio audience.

Jew Banksters Defrauding Whites not just in bank but on radio (TV, movies, books, art, music) shows All Entertainment: European Rothschilds. Even those that are pro-White or at least inclined to help save Whites, know about the evil European Jewish Family, the banksters, Rothschilds from 1775, just in time to start the American Revolution in […]

Jews' Comedy attacks White men and Jesus Christ

Jew Comedians and how they attack Whites also using blacks as weapons against us and actually having us “laugh”right up to their genocidal guillotine for us and our descendants. I have old radio on, again, thinking maybe out of 10,000 radio stations I can find something that is not a hateful station against Whites or […]

Why Should Not Christians Support Jews of Israel?

White Christians Support Jews? (same people who tortured, beat, humiliated Jesus Christ. What part of “Christ” do Christians worship? His murders and “their” ancestors murders like Jewish Commies since 1917, Hitler had to face these same Commies and so did my Viet Vet Purple Heart? Remember Jews thrive on “negative advertising,” so in order to […]

Jew's "Inner Sanctum" Radio Shows, 1941-1952, as War Propaganda Against White Race

Jewish 1924 Radio Show…. Inter Sanctum. To scare Whites out of our wits. Jews have targeted White women especially, to keep us scared, frightened, and yes terrorized. It’s why we hear about “terror” constantly, whether Nazis, or Germans, or Al Queda, or some man they call that evil word… “dictator.” Jews and now perhaps their […]

Dinner for One, White British Comedy for White German New Year.

White Germans watch this every New Year’s Eve. (I think I will watch it too.) It gets 4 times the ratings as the highest show during the year. One of Two watch it. We must remember as I wrote, Germans “admired” the White English, but the Jew warmongers were drumming their beat and we had […]

Jews Insult Jesus Christ

Jew artist pees on Jesus’ face and mocks the fact that Jesus might have had tears during his persecution and not the “strong silent type,” Jew Hollywood made John Wayne to be role model of White men…. silent….. Never ask how did Poland get silenced, the home of Jewish empire and we their slaves for […]

Bible Passages

Jesus: Luke 11: 27 “And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice, and said unto him, “Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which that has sucked.” “But he said, yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of […]

Resurrecting White Species

To Whites: From the Bible: The Message Bible Ephesians 5: 14. ” Wake up from your sleep, Climb out of your coffins; Christ will show you the light!” The Jews cannot kill a race that is already dead. Mama said in the 1950’s the whites were spiritually dead. How to resurrect the whites who were […]

Black Woman get $23 billion for her deceased husband

Black Widow Woman (no not the spider and no I’m not jealous. I am totally brainwashed and conditioned to accept all the suffering I get in USA as a good White woman) gets $23 Billion dollar Settlement against Cigarette Company. Do you know how much $23 billion is? Surely Whites have paid for it with […]