Jewess Emma Goldman Incited Republican President McKinley’s Assassination, 1901

September 6, 1901, USA – White President William McKinley. Leon Frank Czolgosz was a Russian-Pole. Violent Jewess leader, anarchist and lecturer, Emma Goldman, started Jew Marxist Communism in White America. In his confession, Leon said that (the Jewess) ignited his fire to kill President McKinley! He said he couldn’t shoot the bullets fast enough, she filled him […]

Jewish Internet Defense Fund Brought Down Innocent Dr. David Duke

There is no more “freedom of speech.”  There is only “Jewish Censorship” worse than the KGB of Russia or Hitler’s Nazis combined. And it is right here, right now in the USA, soon to go global. Guess what?  The Jewish Internet Defense Force actually contacted “my” website and blog and gave me the information of […]