Jewish Supremacists

Dr. David Duke’s 2nd book: Jewish Supremacism. You can get free chapters on his website david duke . com. I discovered much on my own, but with a vast amount of info on internet, Jews are the “Supremacists.” Jews who control our media, TV, radio, news, twisted our minds, and it hurts when one’s mind […]

White Extinction

Extinct White Species: When my Viet Vet, Purple Heart, and the 17 year old White woman that stole him from me and the boys, threatened to kill me I was in Crisis Center for Battered Wives twice. I spent Thanksgiving there even though all the other girls and children had a place to go. I […]

The Jew in America: An Expose, Summary part 2

Jews First Place: I get an email from squarefoot garden which I have built 6, just for me, call that selfishness or survival. I’m really happy with outcome the last 2 years. They had a contest for the best Square Foot Garden and the “Hebrew Academy” Jews one. They were “First” at least their picture […]