Rock Group: Auschwitz

Now why didn’t I think of that!  Starting a rock group called “Auschwitz,” 84.  I mean, after all, I am Polish where all the Jews were killed in Polish gas chambers not German or Italian as this group is from.  (Sarcasm on the gas chambers bit, and sarcasm on Jews when it was mostly White […]

Joe Biden and Ruby Ridge, Breastfeeding White mother murdered

I have written this to you before, and did not find this in my studies on Wiki of Ruby Ridge, but through my own studies a few years ago. The brown Hawaiian shot the unarmed Vicki Weaver who was innocent and was breastfeeding her baby. As I told you the main reason for the Weaver’s […]

Breshnev’s Quote: Will White Race Survive?

Congressman Sono Bono Blungeoned to Death

I have been thinking dearly about Sonny and Cher since I’ve been performing Cher’s music and if I feel better will try to sing tonight at karaoke. But, something bothered me about Sonny’s death. And as I wrote in my other emails I have read up on Ruby Ridge, Waco, and even Tim McVeigh and […]

John de Nugent’s Great Blog

Your work, writing, pictures and videos are fascinating. It is just more reasons for Whites to unite around the world. Even our military and bombs are now in the hands of blacks and Jews, and NASA, was in the hands of the yellow Chinese.  Somehow, we have to put the brakes on.  Jews live this […]

St. Anne Frank's Tree Smashed Down

What topic arouses more interest, only next to the Italian that changes costumes, Lady Gaga, of course St. Anne Frank who died of lice and bugs and filth.  I wouldn’t read the whole thing for we know too much about her anyway, but even though the storm totally knocked the tree over that is called […]

Stop Lesbians from Raping our White Daughters!

When I was in Chicago, both my older brother, John Nowak, and I went to the local United State government Post Office and protested there. He had the signs made up protesting against the lesbian blonde b – – – h, the Jews’ favorite honey, Ellen Degenerate.   When my brother was protesting with the […]

Attacking White Activists!

Comments on Edgar Steele.   I am fairly new to the study of the Jewish problem, and I began on my own, when I went back to college to answer the my husband’s last words to me: “There is no help for the White man and I will kill myself and show them it is […]