First Autobiography: St. Augustine's Confessions

FIRST ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY EVER!’ President George Washington’s father’s name “Augustine,” and since painting below shows a “religious, sacred scene” I’m going to assume his father was named after a holy religious White person from Europe, (White Christian) St. Augustine. St. Augustine’s life is quite an amazing story, since I used to read the “Lives of the […]

Complaint in Loughner Shooting, Complaint of mine accusing Jewish doctor rape

Letter From State of Florida01-11-2011 Letter with Complaint       (This Complaint Letter is regarding my own case and NOT the Shooter’s Complaint.)   Please forward this email if you think it right to one of the lawyers in the White movement, perhaps Sam Dickson, to see if reading the Official Complaint entered and my comments make sense.  […]

Funny Polish Heritage as Slaves of Jews

Here’s email from my brother’s (John the Protester) Polish friend from the “old” Polish neighborhood.  I thought you might get a kick out of the Polish heritage. Also my response to him.  Polish people have always been the butt of Polish jokes and we have had to learn to laugh at ourselves, in order to […]

Jared Loughner, Jewish

from a post –  (copied and pasted, hence links won’t work here)Jared Loughner himself is Jewish. He marked “Jewish” under his religion on his myspace page. (According to Hitler & Nazis who were the final authority on Jews, especially for deportation, if 1/8 Jew, then Jewish. His mother Amy Loughner is Jewish, attending the Chavadim Reform […]

Scanners at Airport

It’s scary for they just keep advancing more and more against our precious and good way of life.   They invent the war, and then they put all the entire world under “surveillance.”  “They” should be under “surveillance!”   One thing I would point out is that I would “not” want “either” a “man” or […]

Joe Arpaio, a Racist?

Saw Joe Arpaio, the toughest Sherriff of Arizona at a Tea Party function yesterday as he was being interviewed by the media.   A black woman went up to him and asked him if he were a “racist.”   How many Whites have gone up to blacks and called them “racists?”  Or Mexicans or yellows, […]

"3" Hanks and David Duke

Watched a video with the above name and it showed many Veteran’s wounded, amputated and bloody, and I thought how sad.   But today, we live in a “mental” world, and the wounds inflicted on our spirits, minds, hearts and souls, cause equally the grief, sadness and pain. But because we can’t see these mental […]

Hindus from India: Answers by Tech Support

As I told you, I had computer problems, so Acer recommended a computer service. It was $129.99.  They did “not” fix any of the things that I called them for.  I was dealing with Hindus or India people.  They are heartless & will hurt our White people at any cost so “they” will advance, especially […]

Jews and Lucifer their god

I’m forwarding this and am astonished for I had to discover all this pretty much on my own in my life’s experience, then research, and then by “observing” what in the hell is going on around me, I thought. I don’t think anymore, I know.   I read both part I and II.  I wonder […]

Stop Lesbians from Raping our White Daughters!

When I was in Chicago, both my older brother, John Nowak, and I went to the local United State government Post Office and protested there. He had the signs made up protesting against the lesbian blonde b – – – h, the Jews’ favorite honey, Ellen Degenerate.   When my brother was protesting with the […]