Halloween: Psycho Doctor

Below is the youtube for it.   Just a few notes on this youtube, note at the beginning the intercom says, “Oh Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine,” both Jewish names.   When the patient signs the waiver, it reminds me of my poor White Polish sister who went to the hospital as a volunteer for a […]

Dr. David Duke back on Youtube. Hooray!

Check out Dr. Duke’s latest video on youtube on Jewish “women” seducing Gentile (White) men.  Does Monica Lewinsky ring a bell and the $40,000,000.00 “con job” for court costs to try to impeach President Clinton from the South, who was a Jewish scapegoat.  The Jews wanted this Jewess Mati Hari spy to set up the […]

White Grandparent's Motto

Well, grandparents.com is a Jewish website, but since Jews are our only source of information, for the most part, I still look for ideas.   And I couldn’t help but realize how truthful these words are for grandparents:   “Keep your mouths shut; and our your purses/wallets open!”   But if you think about it, […]

Jew Communists Wanted Extermination of White Polish & White Scottish

I came across this website about Katyn. The video on the right shows that the communists wanted not only the entire country of Poland exterminated, (surely not the precious Jews who in the article says it was “lucky” that they had survived. ) But also the people of the Scottish Highlands to be exterminated.   There […]

How Jews took over USA

David Duke was raised by a black woman in Louisiana. A woman that he treated as lovingly as his very own mother.   Jews want Race War between blacks and whites. That would wipe us both out, for Jews now have Mexicans to do their dirty work, and yellows and Hindus to be their doctors, […]

White heroes and heroines

As I study the Bible, most of the characters are Jewish or converts or the one Gentile star, Luke, who happens to be a doctor. I do not like the fact that the “only” Gentile or White in the Bible is a doctor, for I don’t believe in them nor do I worship them.  Yet, […]

Mary Magdalene

When I refer to Kissing the feet of Jesus it was that “love” for his teachings and healings, not just kissing a lifeless statute. Again, I’m not preaching or teaching, for a spiritual journey is sort of personal.  And I know you would resent it, especially since we are taught to “resent”  Christianity and love […]

Jew Wants Takeover of Chicago

We all know that Raum Emmanuel is the son-of-a-terrorist, “and” a “Jewish bitch, not a princess.  He’s Obama the blacks “first” choice.   And now he wants to run for Mayor of Chicago.   Just to fill you in, the Irish have helped build Chicago, and the father “Mayor Richard Daley, Sr.” held office for […]

Here is a good pix: Does that make you mad that “now” Blacks and Jews “steal” Adolf Hitler’s idea of vegetable eating and gardens (from my emails) and the Jews and Blacks look like our “White Saviors!” What hypocrites these non-Whites are and how they have used and abused us is endless. Obama and Emmanuel,” […]

The Complete Guide to Killing non-Jews – Whites

I copied and pasted the following that the Jews are circulating on the internet amongst themselves. I received it from Pastor Eli who kindly sent this to me.   Settler Rabbi publishes “The complete guide to killing non-Jews” — UPDATED This is why five year old toddlers are routinely shot through the head by Israeli snipers.  […]