Jewess, Kagan, Gets Blasted by White Man, Sessions

Here Sessions writes and speaks of why Kagan (the Jewess lesbian, and the “inheritor” of the earth, planet, banks, White women for both her and her husband for rape and perversion)…. why Kagan should not be elected.  This comes from Los Angeles, (Hollywood) surprisingly, where I witnessed a gay and lesbian protest filmed for newspapers […]

Black Crooks in Government

Here is a photo family album of Black Government today, in the “law”less USA.  But that is how Poland evolved thanks to Jews and we are just repeating history. Poland still has a chance for they are all White and no Jews, although if there are “2” a man and a woman, like Adam and Eve, […]

Kagan a Jewish Female Communist?

Here is from a website talking about Kagan and her thesis paper on being a Socialist: Kagan’s undergraduate thesis at Princeton, titled “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City, 1900-1933,” traced the Socialist Party’s failure to gain popular support in America. Her thesis adviser, the historian Sean Wilentz, told the New York Times […]

Supreme Court Elena Kagan Jew, no White Protestant Males

I was writing the media about this topic when in May of 2009 the brown Mexican Sotomayor was nominated for Supreme Court and at that time I investigated “all” of the Supreme Court Justices and found that 3 were Jews, one was 1/2 Jew, One black, the new one Brown, the others females and only […]