Pt 7… con'd

Pt 7: Jew murderers in new movie: Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington 1992: Jew Bankers drive interest rates up 5% driving White Britain into recession. Market crashes, right on cue for Jew Rothschild’s banking empire. Housing market crashes, as in USA recently. Enslaving White people. 1993: Jews buy up England, pennies on the pound, […]

Jew Rabbi Dov Zakheim and 9/11, $2.3 Trillion Mystery Disappearance and he was "Comptroller" or "Accountant"

Jews & 911: Rabbi Dov. Zakheim, US Pentagon & Missing $2.3 Trillion I already mentioned that when I first awakened to the possibility of Jews as criminals using “religion” and even “Israel” as fronts to shied themselves, I asked myself what to check Jews for on The very first question I asked google was […]

La Raza means "My Race First" for Mexicans who are now the majority children in USA

Don’t miss what the Jewish Harvard Professors think of the White Race below. And to think Whites built and funded and manned that school for what… 200 years? and white males are only 9% and are probably the only ones that have to pay “full tuition” while Whites tuition covers Jewish grants, yellow grants, Hindu […]

Rise of the Black Klan

Jews brought in blacks to Americans as overpaid workers and leeches and “sold” them to us, when we could have gotten free laborers from Europe. That was 400 years ago. Since the Civil War, Black on White crime is a fact of life. Why my folks didn’t stay in Poland I will never know. But […]


My blog site,, now puts a little parable each time one publishes their blog. Before it was just one word which complimented the author, such as “dazzling” “awesome” “fantastic.” But now they have gotten over just “1” word, and actually put quotes of famous people regarding writing to encourage the author. I like it. […]

David Duke Radio: Occidental and Oriental

I may write about my religion, not to proselytize or sell you, but to explain certain concepts as I would call and any and all references. And after all, Christian Science healing healed me, where all other means, and I mean I tried everything, failed. I had been contemplating what the word “Occidental” meant as […]

Elvis Rants on Stage in Vegas

Surprisingly Elvis said this on stage, when he defended the horrible rumors and lies the “Press” was using against him. Nixon also said that daily the “Press” (Jewish as we know from at least 1898, surely way before that)…. but Nixon said that the press used to attack him daily worse than any other President. […]

Celebrate David Duke’s Radio Show

I think for karaoke I will dress up as Daisy Duke. I have the little car from The Dukes of Hazzard Show, “#01”, and will sing this song to celebrate. In video, you can see many gals in audience with bra tops, although they might not have the cleavage and I can’t be punished for […]

Miss Piggy, My Mentor

I’m looking thru this book I have on Miss Piggy, and it is loaded with pictures, costumes and gowns. I never realized it, but so many of these are already in my 217 self-made/designed costumes, that I think I will do just a “Miss Piggy” day today and bring her book with me. Just some […]

Ron Paul & Son

It is 5:43 p.m, Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011, New Year’s Eve, and I’m saying that because if Ron Paul and son get to run, I was one of the first not only to write about it, but give proof of “what” I wrote. An email like this about the father/son yellow North Korean leaders was […]