Thanksgiving – Thank You to my Reader – "I'll Be There For You," Bon Jovi Thanksgiving Gift: One of my favorite songs, Bon Jovi, “I’ll be there for you.” In the World War III, which the Jews intentionally shackled our White male and female minds, hearts, spirits, bodies and souls, to “Conquer and Divide” even if this “true love” doesn’t appear in our reality, we can hope, pray, and […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 22: White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue, same street as Black Michelle Obama

Chapter 22 While at the clinic I saw three boxes with rubbers, even mint flavored ones. I took a few but the black man at the desk told me I could have as many as I wanted so I filled up a big bag I happened to have with me and took about 100. I […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 11: White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue same street as Michelle Obama

ps. On pix posted earlier below, it’s my brother John on the left and brother Eddie on the right who died this last year. We were only a year apart for he was premature and sickly. He was premature at 7 months and that was extremely rare for doctors to take babies at the time. […]

Unhappy Families

Russian Leo Tolstoy: “All happy families resemble one another.” Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Happy families are dull. Unhappy families are interesting. “Conflict, Action, Suspense.” I would say my autobiography has that and more. Too bad I live in the Jew-S-A, and not the White States of America.

777 N. Michigan, Chicago Bears

777 N. Michigan, Chicago where I lived on “Magnificent Mile” and Gold Coast. I wrote more below. I lived there 10 years. Although much violence was against me, I never once was violent or even angry. It is why Whites are beaten, punished, whipped, laws, regulations but only against us to keep us as good […]

[youtube=]Michelle Obama’s House on “Euclid Avenue” same street I grew up on. Just found this. Look at bottom at see “7436 South Euclid Avenue”. I talked to someone in Chicago today telling them I wanted to get a picture of my “own” home for my memoirs at 7916 South Euclid Avenue. The woman was black […]

Summarized: "The American Jew, An Expose of his Career"

See the other posts earlier regarding this book “The American Jew, An Expose of his Career” I also have posts today 10/13/12 on, Barbara Ann Nowak. “The Jew Summarized.” “The word given to a Christian need not be kept.” The Talmud “Herbert Spencer compared and industrial society to a living organism, but it had […]

March 30, 1960: Jews and Wikipedia

Jews & Wikipedia. I wanted to look up info on what happened March 30, 1960 the day I helped save a White Polish baby when our house burned down. That sort of makes my brother and I heroes. But what do you think the lousy Jews write up for that day? Anything about White accomplishments […]

Jews & Laws in Poland now USA

Poland, Jews & USA laws. Year 1669. 450 years ago…..I mentioned that since I started to get interested in government there hasn’t been one law that is favorable to Whites, especially like me. So why work so hard to save a government that is anti-Barbara Ann’s welfare. If the USA becomes a third world country […]

Karaoke Dream Last Night

Barbara Ann Nowak 32 minutes ago My karaoke costumed dream last night. I like to remember dreams, although I don’t believe in them necessarily. Sleep and dreams are good and our mind solves problems, or like karaoke, lets off steam & good for stress; good for motivation. Japanese and Chinese who have had historically great […]