White Brother’s Funeral

Here’s what I requested to sing at Eddie Funeral. His wife and their German family and their German family didn’t want me his sister there nor my poor family there, because of  our poverty and our idiosyncrasies we suffer from it. She certainly didn’t want me singing.  Do you think God will reward her with […]

Martin Luther King Beat White Women

Below is from Stormfront On this “fake heroes” beating a White woman unmercifully (to get revenge for White Southerners trying to “force” the black men to work as 50% of Detroit men “refuse” to work today and White men are “terrified” of trying to “make them work.”   I will give a personal autobiographical example […]

November 22 – My "real-time" Birthday

I was conceived on November 22, 1946. It would have been my White Polish-American Mama and Daddy’s 16 wedding anniversary.  I’m sure they were so poor working for greedy Jews who only paid Daddy minimum wage, that they had no $$$ for an anniversary present but to give their sex and physical love to each […]