Autobiography Draft Chapter 30 – White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue, same street as Black Michelle Obama

Chapter 30 Here’s something from my own website: Black Man rapes 14 women. It is the top video on my website. She bravely talks about he “penetrated” her and I don’t know French, if he “ejaculated” in her to get her pregnant with a black man’s sperm and race break her. This woman is ruined […]

Autobiography Draft: Chapter 15: White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue as Black Michelle Obama

Chapter 15 I remember my sister Vika (short for Victory) driving me to the hospital as an outpatient at first, for in our family, she was the caretaker through any medical problems since, because she had a car. When I spoke to a student psychiatrist for the first time, a female in 1967, I explained […]

White Retirement for Black Rights?

White Retirement: Article on the fact that we will have to work until 80’s even 90’s while our government gives away free-living and loafing to the blacks and browns. Even now the black and brown children will get “Obamacare” as almost a trillion dollars was taken from White older people, (Medicare and Social Security) and […]

Karaoke Meaning and Lyrics: Wake Me Up Inside

[youtube=]Halloween: Lyrics that I copied and made them more for karaoke so one knows how to speed it up, slow down, loud soft, holding notes, etc. I probably will add highlighters or pen to this. I never had music, so I have to start like a baby. I usually watch youtube, make lyrics like this, […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 6: White Slavery to White Rights: Growing up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Ave, Chicago, like Black Michelle Obama

Chapter 6 Miraculously there was a big change in my attitude towards school and the nuns, our educators, who taught at least 50 children in a class, gave up their entire lives to teaching and not marrying or having children of their own. Also, Mama bought me a pair of new shoes. I was starting […]

Jews and Spiegel Catalog

Black Michelle Obama’s mother worked for Jewish founded and owned famous Spiegel’s catalog in Chicago as a secretary in the office, when they lived at 7436 South Euclid Avenue, Chicago. My mother worked for a Vice President of Spiegel’s as a scrub lady, and when I was a displaced homemaker after my Viet Vet left […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 5

Chapter 5 It’s 1953, and baby time again! This time the baby wasn’t Mama’s but my oldest sister, Jeana and Johnny,  who lived in the apartment upstairs. Mama said that when Jeana went to the hospital to deliver, the first thing Mama did was to get a breast pump to encourage her to breast feed. […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 4

Autobiography Draft Chapter 4 Barbara Ann Nowak World Rights Chapter 4 It wasn’t long afterwards, that my Mama would start walking around the house cursing my aunt upside down, calling her every name in the book, and damning her to hell. And when I say that Mama screamed when she belted out her curses as […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 3

Autobiography Chapter 3 Draft: Barbara Ann Nowak                                                                                                                                                                                    World Rights   Chapter 3 As I mentioned before I had double pneumonia and either nearly died or did die but fully restored miraculously, even according to the Jewish doctor’s admission, when I was 2 years old. My Grandpa Valentine died, May 16, 1949, and money was from […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 2

Autobiography Draft: Chapter 2 World Rights “White Slavery to White Rights: What It Was Like to Grow Up As Slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue, Chicago, Five Blocks from Black Michelle Obama” Chapter 2 Daddy’s Mama and Daddy had a baby named Andrew who died at 8 years old, which left his two siblings, Johnny […]