Romney / Obama Percent of White and non-White (Jew) voting

Romney/Obama Breakdown of Voting by Race % Here’s the breakdown of how many of these races voted for Romney and Obama For White Romney: White Race: 71% Hispanics: 25% Yellow Commie Descendants 24% Blacks: 4% (if that, that is probably an error for I’m sure they voted 100% for Obama; they are black racists on […]

White German Sex Laws Against Jews: Nuremberg Laws

White German Nuremberg Laws: I posted the Laws which White Christian Germans put into effect finally “naming” Jews and naming the Jewish rapists as #1 villains. Although these laws were written by White men who had the courage to stick up for a pure race, and to object to Jew$ genocide us our people whether […]

666 N. Michigan Avenue Jew Rape

666 North Michigan, Chicago. Here’s where Jew Dr. Rejtman tried to rape me again, although this time unsuccessfully. As I put in my youtube, he told me he was cured and I needed help not just for me with bleeding bowels and depressed but for US Marine Viet Nam War Hero suffering from addictions and […]

Continued My First Love

(Con’d from earlier post) NASCAR Race Car Driver: First love: Here is his picture. It is a famous Christmas picture, and I believe, it was on this day when Mama in her anger and despair, picked up the tree and threw it out on the South Chicago lawn covered with snow. It was the only […]

From Memoirs: This Should Go On Forever

[youtube=]TEARDROP LABEL FROM THE ’50’S. I weep so hard, that again, I fall over and weep into my keyboard, and I’ve shorted one out already. I have a few other posts regarding my first boyfriend from my memoir draft. If there are Jew or White or even yellow thieves, I copyright by mailing to myself […]

Jews, Rothchild, "The American Jew: Expose"

Con’d “The American Jew: Expose” Most people that study Jew and Whites know that the “Rothschild” Jewish father (from England) and his five sons started the Jewish banking business to cover Europe in late 1700’s. Each son had a major European capital city to have this network banking. Surely today Jewish banking goes back to […]

American Jew Journalism: (Jewish)

From “The American Jew: Expose…” “His Gifts are pests” “Gustav Tridon *The Jew in last story has younger brother in journalism. *This Jew reporter would go to no ends to get a story and followed Mayor (who didn’t give interviews) into bathroom when he had dissentary and was sick and took advantage of him in […]

White Polish Ornaments

Polish Ornaments. In my memoirs I’m writing of our large family holidays, before the extreme poverty set in. We used to get a real green fir tree and decorate with really cheap ornaments and a $.10 box of silver tinsel. Anyone who has seen my costumes know that I have incorporated silver tinsel onto long […]

My Book Contrasts

My book: As I study the Creative Writing CD’s & book, it states that for a character to be interesting it means she doesn’t fit the reader’s expectations. If you think about it, whether as a legal secretary, or entertainer, very conservative. But like Superman was Clark Kent during the day, in my real life, […]