Veteran’s Father’s letter to Israeli Jews

The Heart of Jesus that I believe Celine is singing about


St. Faustina and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Here is Jesus in a very White robe! I’m just going to send you a copy of an email to my sister, Josephine Murphy, regarding autobiographical writings and diary of a new White Polish Saint in the Catholic Church. I do not feel so badly anymore about my weeping, agony, joy and inspiration, for one […]

Jews, Blacks, Lies, Holocaust

It’s a long movie, 2 hours. One can never know too much “truth” about history, for to leave our white children “lies” for study, is to destroy them. You will be amazed in the movie below how the Jews got “blacks” to lie. Could it be that Jews got blacks to lie when the Jews […]

Celine Dion, Sings the Blues

Interesting video of Celine Dion a French singer, singing rock and blues.   [youtube=]