CCHR on the Pill and Drug Abuse the Medical Field gives the Veterans!

Barbara Ann Nowak Suicides and Death of US Marine Corporal Andrew “White!” I got this from Scientology CCHR, that is a watchdog group against the psychiatric field. I once went to an exhibit on my lunch hour in Chicago and they really study the effects of pills and expose them in the psychiatric industry. I […]

Moors Muslims White Christians

“Muslims” “Moors,” and Whites: Here’s history on “Moor” which is black worker holding some of Poland’s Kings jewels and gold. I posted statue pix below. Europe was taken over by Muslims and it was only a freak of luck that the White race was not wiped out 1000 years ago. Dark people entice Whites for […]

David Geffen, Jewish Homo Musical Billionaire Off White $$$, Obama's top marketing man

Facebook 20 Requests 7 Notifications Search for people, places and things Barbara Ann Nowak Find Friends Home Account Settings Sponsored See All Sponsored Dr.Oz’s Diet – Lose 21 lbs/month It’s been called the hollywood diet and it quickly erases belly fat like nothing else! Like · 3,367 people like this. Faithful Women Wanted No […]

Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Basketball, Gold

Here’s a youtube below on Louis Farakhan, black Muslim preacher to a very attentive audience, bashing Jew ownership of all the black basketball teams. How they “use” the black basketball stars, entertainment stars, just as if he were in slavery. Jews probably took advantage of blacks many times more than whites for they were unsuspecting […]

Alex Jones Belts Jew Mayor Blumberg

Well, Alex Jones gets an A+ as far as standing up to Jews with his “information” and passion and watch him cry tears. Much of what he says I agree with, such as his stand against doctors using people as ATM machines, vaccines with 20 different drugs for our kids (like baby formula), that are […]

White Brave Austrian stands up to Muslim horrific Murder

Thank God for this White man’s bravery and honesty. [youtube=]

Jews and Hannakah Wars! Jews had Revolution Against Whites and Jews won

Hey Jo,   Get a load of this.  According to my autobiographical writings I wrote the media that I had gone to Our Lady of Peace, Fr. Barry, to confession.  I was about 19 years old and was dating a drunk.  He used to date Margie and Rich Kasper, (ex-Polish boyfriend) also and was very […]