Plackowski: Polish Immigrant Unfathomable Crime In Naperville, Illinois

White Polish Horrific crime? I just heard of this crime and I’m besides myself that such things are going on in America and for the Polish White children to have died such a brutal, brutal death. I know the area, in Naperville, Illinois, for I sang a karaoke contest there once. Perhaps it is time […]

Jews Secret Empire and Polish History as their White Slaves

I posted this on facebook as part of my autobiography chapter. WAR! Jews & Polish Christian wars as Jews lived in Poland for 900 years. No other European Country has suffered so much under Jewish rule. Here is just a partial list of how Jews kept Poland in war, as they keep America in war. […]


My younger son called from DC. Someone “alerted” him to my posts on Facebook. (Jews?) He says I am “crazy” and need professional help. Jewish help? Who enslaved me and my people for 900 years? The people that enslaved, starved to death, infiltrated church and government, robbed our treasury, falsely indebted us… is “that” the […]