Jewess Emma Goldman Incited Republican President McKinley’s Assassination, 1901

September 6, 1901, USA – White President William McKinley. Leon Frank Czolgosz was a Russian-Pole. Violent Jewess leader, anarchist and lecturer, Emma Goldman, started Jew Marxist Communism in White America. In his confession, Leon said that (the Jewess) ignited his fire to kill President McKinley! He said he couldn’t shoot the bullets fast enough, she filled him […]

Polish Ukraine Uprising Jews

Jews ban on “merrymaking.” It is no wonder I had to practically pull teeth to get White people to “Merrymake”  with singing and dancing.  And the people couldn’t dress in “costumes” or “masquerades.” No wonder had such a hard time wearing costumes in many places singing karaoke or called “crazy” because I did what my […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 2

Autobiography Draft: Chapter 2 World Rights “White Slavery to White Rights: What It Was Like to Grow Up As Slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue, Chicago, Five Blocks from Black Michelle Obama” Chapter 2 Daddy’s Mama and Daddy had a baby named Andrew who died at 8 years old, which left his two siblings, Johnny […]

Jews Secret Empire and Polish History as their White Slaves

I posted this on facebook as part of my autobiography chapter. WAR! Jews & Polish Christian wars as Jews lived in Poland for 900 years. No other European Country has suffered so much under Jewish rule. Here is just a partial list of how Jews kept Poland in war, as they keep America in war. […]

Polish Prince

Since the blacks have had the world protesting for their black cause, I have had to find on my own even without schools or even Polish friends and family, my history of Polish White slavery which no one can talk about. As in the movie “Katyn” an entire nation was silenced, as we are surely […]