Elvis & Turnip Greens

“Elvis” & Turnip Greens.” Entertainment needs to be lifted to a higher level, including the history making us smarter. We need to keep our brains smarter not dead meat. If we don’t question or expand, we vegetate like “turnip greens.” Since no one ever asks me anything about Elvis when I perform as Elvis’a in […]

Kissinger, Israel, Report, 16 Intelligence Agencies

Jews & National Security: Why is a Jew, Henry Kissinger, the head of the US National Security? That means every decision that has been made for FBI, CIA, and “all” of the 16 USA intelligence agencies have been under Jew-Kissinger? I sent 2 posts about how there is an 82 draft report documenting the facts […]

Wild Irish Rose

I found the article on President Nixon’s love letters to Pat Nixon and a “new” image of what the Jews destroyed him with. It is well known that the Christian Billy Graham and Politician President Nixon were both talking on secret tapes that the Jews were destroying this country. Then it seemed that the Jewish […]

President Nixon’s “Good” Resurrected

Sometimes one can be declared dead, but come to life again, and resurrected with a “good” name. When I started to perform a tribute to Nixon and the (Christian Science) Plumbers I did so with a forgiving and loving attitude. It was warm, not preachy, and I even carried a plunger on stage, as they […]