Pt. 1 White Martin Luther on "Jews and their Lies"

Barbara Ann: Pt 1: Jews and their Lies by Martin Luther, from year 1500’s, who started Protestant religion, (this is not meant to undermine or divide Christians and Catholics which Jews would certainly enjoy…) not the faked Martin Luther King, the black stooge Jews used for Whites to worship as even I did and will […]

CCHR on the Pill and Drug Abuse the Medical Field gives the Veterans!

Barbara Ann Nowak Suicides and Death of US Marine Corporal Andrew “White!” I got this from Scientology CCHR, that is a watchdog group against the psychiatric field. I once went to an exhibit on my lunch hour in Chicago and they really study the effects of pills and expose them in the psychiatric industry. I […]

Eva Braun, Me, Elvis, Jews as Devil in Disguise

Eva Braun: Nunnery. In CD on Creative Writing, it mentions writing is to develop “character.” One of the most important things smartest Whites wanted in Nazi Germany was “character.” Do our White young have have that today? Do the other races that we support treat us with “character” since we have supported them and given […]

Eva Braun and Me, the Perfect Hitler Woman

Insights in Hitler & Eva Braun. I will give you “my” interpretation from “both” my life, and research, 25000 pages of writing. One can see Eva diving, swimming, athletic. I have said I’m the perfect Hitler woman, which is 2 women, part Eva Braun, glamorous, flirtatious, entertainer and the other half, part breeder & domestic […]

Professional Protesting, Wheelchair Veteran's

I found a pix in my accumulated ancestor album of my brother, John Novak, who studied to be a priest. Much of what I do and have done I owe to him for he was sort of the “leader” of the bottom half of the family.  He taught us to go to church and pray […]

Supreme Court Elena Kagan Jew, no White Protestant Males

I was writing the media about this topic when in May of 2009 the brown Mexican Sotomayor was nominated for Supreme Court and at that time I investigated “all” of the Supreme Court Justices and found that 3 were Jews, one was 1/2 Jew, One black, the new one Brown, the others females and only […]

Jews Feasting and Farting: Martin Luther

Martin Luther Jews and Their Lies Pix Please open pix! I rarely beg for anyone to read my emails. But even if you have to print this out, (and enlarge the type for easy reading) I’m begging you to read these words. Even Catholics should read, although Catholics have doctrine to gather with other religions […]

Jews and Hannakah Wars! Jews had Revolution Against Whites and Jews won

Hey Jo,   Get a load of this.  According to my autobiographical writings I wrote the media that I had gone to Our Lady of Peace, Fr. Barry, to confession.  I was about 19 years old and was dating a drunk.  He used to date Margie and Rich Kasper, (ex-Polish boyfriend) also and was very […]

Mary Breastfeeding Jesus – Ave Maria

Finished my white manger with the racist Baby Jesus doll. (You can buy White Caucasian, Black African, Latino, or Mexican Dolls. They are discriminating against Jews, Arabs and Yellow raced but let them worry about that. We have enough on our plate trying to sink lower than the Blacks and Browns as was imposed on […]