"Must Watch "Synagogue of Satan" full by Andrew Carrington, Pt 2

Con’d.   1. Looks like Jews assassinate their own also. Wiki: Yigal Allon served as Interim Prime Minister following Levi Eshkol‘s death, as did Shimon Peres following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. From book I read “Final Judgment” Jews were all over assassination of President John Kennedy. Perhaps his son, in mysterious airplane crash, John […]

Jewess Publisher

Threatened by Jewess Publisher. I have been calling around and researching for an editor to help me with my book. I realize my writing is primitive and creative and needs help to put into book form. Once a Creative Writing teacher, male, said that he once had a woman write 100,000 words consecutively with no […]

Queenie My German Shepherd Dog, Mother of 52

I posted this on another friend’s wall that had a picture of a German Shepherd on it. It talks of twice having the German Shepherds nearly facing gas chambers. The 1st was when a couple owned Queenie but was tied up to a bed real tight because she was naughty and chewed up the house. […]

Deadly Black and Yellow Skeletonizer!

    !!Black & Yellow Skeletinizer Worm Devours and tries to murder my two grape plants. See other post below for actual murderer. Those worms are “evil” they are not poor, helpless, or creatures of God. They are deadly. They nearly destroyed my entire 2 helpless innocent and productive grape plants. I saw my plants […]

White Suicide and Depression Healed

Overcoming Depression and Suicide. I found this among my essays at college recently. It makes me tremble even when I read it and I cried as I did. I know when I read for class, another girl thanked me for she had taken a bottle of pills washed down with Poison Drano and lived but […]

Customs and Habits of the Jews – Religious Doctrine

“Foul deeds will arise, though earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.   More notes from “The American Jew: An Expose of His Career” by Telemachus Thomas Timayenis CUSTOMS AND HABITS OF THE JEW$ – RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES Virginity, virtue, innocence, purity, are only so much capital with the Jew, a capital that one must defend, but […]

Mexican Tires and Mormon Salvation

Brown Mexican Tire Problems. Again, yesterday after episode with Mexicans at Las Vegas Club, I woke up and when I drove, my right tire was riding and bumpy on rim. I purchased 3 tires from Mexican business by my home, $40 each. The next day one went flat and Mexican wouldn’t fix it. I could […]

Jews and Journalism

“Physical degradation follows closely on moral degradation. This is strongly remarked upon the Jews who of all races is the most depraved.” Lavater The book, “The American Jew” Expose… tells a story of a Jewish boy growing up in Austria Hungry. Schools were expensive in Europe but found a really good one. (Jews will use tax […]

Sad, Sad, White me at 5

White Sad Me & family. My keyboard crashed and is corrupted. Manufacturer sending new one for it’s still  new. I’m typing on min-computer, so forgive typing. In my “Great Courses” CD on Creative Writing, the homework was to take pix of family from past, think of different characters and write interesting, but since itis “non-fiction” […]

9/11 Stranger than Fiction Part 3: Jews and 9/11

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-Q-Supze_o] Jews & 9/11. Part 3 My computer crashed and lost the notes I was to send you. I’ll send them again. These videos were corrupted and taken off internent youtube when I wrote Jewish media about what I was discovering. I didn’t know radio was Jewish owned/operated. I’ve been writing for about 8 hours […]