How Jews Beat up on Whites in Medical Schools

Just in case you wonder why Whites, male and female, are no longer in advanced math and science, and our entire health care system from the time we are conceived by our White parents to the hospitals, nursing homes, even funeral arrangements are in the hands of Jews.   I worked at the Harvard Medical […]

How Whites, Jews, and non-Whites Meet?

Here are website galore, so many it would fill the internet and would have to shut down globally for “non-Whites” to meet. Examples for blacks to keep their race, culture and heritage pure, as white Polar bears do “Not” mate with brown or black bears, although there are many species of “brown” bears.: * By […]

Texas gives White men scholarships–need-equal-shot.html#ixzz1FH1TrOSK

Worshipping Jews as “gods,” in Israel, Jews in America

Here’s typical website of how Whites “worship” Jews as mortals, rather than a spiritual God. Note how he says, “he won’t remain silent.” Yet Whites have been silenced totally regarding the Jews genociding us, and of our own disposition to worship “them.” I believe in what is called humanly as “miracles,” for I’ve experienced and […]

Redford, Jew, Hanging Women

I tried to read an AARP magazine, and since I don’t watch TV, movies, Jew books, etc. I need “something” in life to live for and do.  There is very little, but I try. There’s an article in this months issues regarding Robert Redford. As you know, he was a sort of recluse and insisted […]