Black McDonald's Worker Savagely Beats White Mom in front of her baby White Boy Toddler.

Black Brutal Bitch working for McDonald’s attacks a White little woman. Her little toddler tries to desperately help his Mama, and I’m crying now, for his little white body was no match for the welfare huge overweight, muscular, Black woman, destroying the eye sight, bruised White women, humiliated as I was when beaten in Vegas […]

Test Your Holocaust Knowledge

If you want to stop illegal immigration stop the Jews. They are the “Masters” of deceit.” In 1940, Jews filled ship called “Patria” (like Patriotic) and one of their own Jews blew it up. They wanted to immigrate illegally to Palestine to take it over as they did by turning the entire country into today’s […]

Jew Crimes in Israel, America and Russia

Chicago… Jew “Israel: The Promised Land …. of Organized Crime.” As I wrote a few days ago, about Black Commie Obama releasing the #1 criminal spy against the USA of all time, Jew Jonathan Pollard, Obama gives him freedom and send him back to Jew Israel, where all the Jew international mobsters are and their […]

Pt 7… con'd

Pt 7: Jew murderers in new movie: Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington 1992: Jew Bankers drive interest rates up 5% driving White Britain into recession. Market crashes, right on cue for Jew Rothschild’s banking empire. Housing market crashes, as in USA recently. Enslaving White people. 1993: Jews buy up England, pennies on the pound, […]

Most notorious spy, Jonathan Pollard, Jew, released from prison by Black Communist Barach Obama

Jew Spy, most notorious criminal in all USA history, “released and pardoned” by the most notorious Communist in our history, Black Obama! See how Commies stick together while Whites fight and flight! In fact, he is going back to Israel, home of impersonator Jews, who conned all the Christians the are “sons and daughters” of […]

Protocol of Zion (Jew) #6

Jew Protocol #6: These were written perhaps a century ago and on the Henry Ford “International Jew” site also. Note just as I wrote from my common sense reasoning and writing I said we have not advanced as Whites. When I was young, my husband bought home, cars, we had babies, home cost $22,000, car […]

Jew Holohoast at Schools

Jew Holocaust Brainwashing? Where’s the debate? No one is denying it, but Jews are not admitting they lost way less in war than my Polish White Christian people. The “work camps” were in my country of “Poland” not Germany. Germany deported all their Jews so they could create an all white society, not bothered by […]

Pt. 1 International Jew by Henry Ford

Henry Ford: “The International Jew.” Just some comments. It’s said that Queen Isabella kicked out a whole slew of Jews from Spain. Obviously they gouged the people and were rich enough on White $$ to get on the ship with Columbus. Also smart enough for Jews “kick out” the Whites from our universities and take […]

When are "Jews" going to apologize to Whites?

Jews apologize to Whites? Blacks apologize to Whites? Browns? Reds? Muslims? Yellow Commie Chinese? Did you ever hear a Jew say “I’m sorry” for the genocide of our species. It is more like “I’m ecstatic” the Whites will soon be dead or degenerated into 4th world humans and then we will really be the “cattle” […]

Black Colin Powell, Jew Yiddish and 9/11

Black Colin Powell and 9/11?! Colin Powell was selected by White George Bush as Secretary of State… which coincidentally… was during the 9/11 conspiracy against Whites. Colin Powell, at the highest level during 9/11 tragedy which I’ve already demanded an investigation thru Facebook (Whites can’t get to talk to the top as Jews can for […]