Autobiography Draft – Chapter 20: White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up on Euclid Avenue, same street as Black Michelle Obama

  Chapter 20 I decided to leave this great paying job, terrific benefits and security. It is sad for today I live in poverty on my husband’s Viet Nam Veteran pension, and all these troublemakers are collecting big monthly checks in retirement. It happened that the union went on strike, the first time in 35 […]

Jew Armand Hammer, son of Communist Beginner in Russia

Jew Armand Hammer: Here’s website to buy used for a $.01 “Dark Side of Power: Armand Hammer) Jew:   (Whites are not interested in reading about Jews who are betraying them, stabbing us in back, raping us, assassinating us, taking over media, country, inventions, turning USA “brown” as they genocide us first.)   Here’s […]

Jew Comic on my birth date (ancestry) Aug. 21, 1947

White Past & White Ancestry. I don’t know if this will show up, but in studying my ancestry I learned to go to newspapers & find interesting things on the day I was born, August 21, 1947. I have already written the headlines were “No Sign of Depression,” Yet I suffered the worst depression and […]

Saving White Race My College Essay

Barbara-Ann Nowak English 101 Ms. McBride 5 page argument December 5, 2006 “Worthy To Be Saved”             World civilization is at a point in history where the White race is threatened with extinction and is the minority in the World Population.  Therefore, I strongly support Adolph Hitler’s program of eugenics, which is the production of […]

White Elvis Love Letters

White Elvis with love letters. Like Elvis, I studied Communism since my deceased US Marine Purple Heart Hall of Honor fought Commies in Viet Nam. But what Elvis didn’t know is the heads of Communism, throughout history, in Germany, Poland, Russia, USA are and were Jewish, disguised as a religion of murderers. Karl Marx who […]

Russian Jew Convert to Christianity Renegade

Polish-Russian Jew Presidential Candidate calls for this below. Can you imagine if our 2012 election could ring of words like this (Preserving White race) or Whites in America have turned their country, and all that it entails including churches, into black and brown hands controlled by Jews (my own last words.) Jews are not afraid […]

“Tear” Monument from Russia to USA

As Katyn Massacre is still being kept a secret, why is this monument that Russia gave to the US kept secret? Here’s pix of the “Tear” given by Russia and artist. I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve shed, and think of what Russians have had to go thru under Jewish domination, Communism, having […]

White Russian Victims & Jew Bolsheviks, Cannibalism

It is frightening to see the history that has been covered up. It is more scary to know that our schools are filled with memorizing lies to keep their Communist Jewish gods. It was the Jew gang that killed the Czar and family of Russia. As the Jews planned the guillotine of the last Queen […]

Tax Time or Titanic? April 15

It is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, which probably had mostly White people and mostly rich Whites. It is April 15, and that is also the dreaded Tax Day Dead-line. Did they choose April 15 as a symbol of the beginning of the sinking of the White Race by taking all our $$$ […]

Blueberry Hill

If things about sex bother you, just delete, but since I write about “all” topics, certainly my sexuality is important, and actually the “Most” important for young Whites if we are to survive. I had written the media many years ago, when I was taking sex classes, that I would practice on my “blueberry” popsicle […]