Punched Elena Kagan's Picture

Well, if you read the other 2 emails on cherry spitting and Elena Kagan the Jewish High Priestess soon to become a “Supremacist” on the formerly White Male Protestant Supreme Court, you will understand why I spit cherry pits at her picture.   I got her picture and blew it up to 8″ x 11″. […]

Picture of Elena Kagan the Jewess High Priestess

Just as I wrote before how Jewess women called Poland and now America, “Paradise” and “heaven” while it was “hell” for me and my Mama and Daddy, she is overjoyed and smiling in every picture.  My son says he has to smoke Marijuana just to try to break a smile in this country of “freedom” […]

Kagan a Jewish Female Communist?

Here is from a website talking about Kagan and her thesis paper on being a Socialist: Kagan’s undergraduate thesis at Princeton, titled “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City, 1900-1933,” traced the Socialist Party’s failure to gain popular support in America. Her thesis adviser, the historian Sean Wilentz, told the New York Times […]

Supreme Court Elena Kagan Jew, no White Protestant Males

I was writing the media about this topic when in May of 2009 the brown Mexican Sotomayor was nominated for Supreme Court and at that time I investigated “all” of the Supreme Court Justices and found that 3 were Jews, one was 1/2 Jew, One black, the new one Brown, the others females and only […]

White Man loses bid for position in Supreme Court

I wrote several emails about the Jewish Supreme Supremacists’ Court.  Jews have the court system tied up to “always” favor them, to always “win” because they have other Jews they can buy off and owe favors to, while we Whites are victimized in our own land and we “pay” in White Taxes for this victimization. […]