Jew Communists Wanted Extermination of White Polish & White Scottish

I came across this website about Katyn. The video on the right shows that the communists wanted not only the entire country of Poland exterminated, (surely not the precious Jews who in the article says it was “lucky” that they had survived. ) But also the people of the Scottish Highlands to be exterminated.   There […]

Worship God or Good? or Worship Jews?

I need time to study my bibles today, for I’ve always “loved” the “good.”   But as I was marking and accenting my bible according to my Expressive Reading course, I came across this statement of God to us: Who will we worship, bow down and serve today? As far as I see, the Whites […]

For Fear of the Jews

One of my favorite expressions from the Bible was that many teachings and healings of Jesus were going on to the glory of God and the absolute amazement of the Jewish people.  Yet no Jews spoke……. For Fear of the Jews. And even “Jesus” himself was reluctant for people to “advertise” his healings and would […]

How Jews took over USA

David Duke was raised by a black woman in Louisiana. A woman that he treated as lovingly as his very own mother.   Jews want Race War between blacks and whites. That would wipe us both out, for Jews now have Mexicans to do their dirty work, and yellows and Hindus to be their doctors, […]

Jewish Internet Defense Fund Brought Down Innocent Dr. David Duke

There is no more “freedom of speech.”  There is only “Jewish Censorship” worse than the KGB of Russia or Hitler’s Nazis combined. And it is right here, right now in the USA, soon to go global. Guess what?  The Jewish Internet Defense Force actually contacted “my” website and blog and gave me the information of […]

Jewish Supremacists "&" Jewish Extremists

This is in connection to my other email on Jewish Extremicm, as I try to defend myself with the title of being an “Extremist.”  Here is Billy Joel, the famous Entertaining Jew, calling himself, what I claimed in the other email, accusing them in the Court of Universal Law, where I live, not in the […]

Jewish Dentist Assaults Me; Did he Assault and Rape my Grandma

I scanned my grandmother’s death certificate to show you that she died from cirrhosis of the liver.   Yet, when I looked at the doctor that signed her Death Certificate, it was a Jew, Dr. Jacob Stern on 90th and Commercial.   If you remember right, when I wrote to you, I wrote that when […]

I Go to Extremes? Jewish Extremists!

There are Jewish Supremacists, and am very grateful for Dr. Duke calling them exactly what they are. And the email below is about Jewish Extremists! When the White Race dies, what will be on our Death Certificate? Since I study those for my ancestry, I thought about it. Here is the song for the day, […]