*In Europe, you can go to jail for just watching this video, our freedom of speech has been so squashed. Especially since my 25,000 pages of writing and research show this video to be accurate, and Jewish tall tales, like Jewish Hollywood movies. “Fiction,” passed as “Fact.” Jews first bankrupted, the declared War on White […]

Song: Still Cleaning This Gun

Looking for a rockin karaoke song and this one popped up! Story of a Daddy worrying about his teenage daughter. Especially teens for they are at the age when they could have babies…. But what has happened is that our White women either are having babies like the 3rd Worlders we are giving our treasury […]


I read that the reason cats achieved god-like status is that many thousands of years ago, say in Egypt, the people would store their grain. But they found that the mice and rats infested and ate the grain, leaving less for the people. In times of drought or famine, that could eliminate part of the […]

President Nixon’s “Good” Resurrected

Sometimes one can be declared dead, but come to life again, and resurrected with a “good” name. When I started to perform a tribute to Nixon and the (Christian Science) Plumbers I did so with a forgiving and loving attitude. It was warm, not preachy, and I even carried a plunger on stage, as they […]