Thanksgiving 2012: Mayflower, Husband's ancestor, Stephen Hopkins

WHITE THANKSGIVING: the Mayflower. Some posts regarding the White Christian people on the Mayflower Ship, the first to arrive at Plymouth Colony. Since all we learn is “die-versity,” and cherishing all other races “above” our own, I will focus on the “White” aspect of our history, or White History 101, that digs up all the […]

Whites are the Chosen People of the Bible: the True Israelites

“Whites are Chosen People” of the Bible! The “Israelites” that you read about are “not” the Jews of Israel. “Whites” had more DNA linking to the “Israelites” and “Whites” are linked as the “Chosen People” of God. Please tell all those Whites (who probably voted for Black Obama) to get off their knobby old White […]

Veteran's Day Tribute – Army – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B

Lyrics: Army Veteran’s Day – Song is about a Chicago soldier in the Army. It’s from World War II. I love all the Veterans from the wars. They didn’t get an entire picture and we must never hold the truth from them. They are strong; they can handle it and perhaps help affect the changes […]

Send Viet Namese Women back

Yellow Viet Namese Women sings her heart out about being “born this way.” They have “pride” and the Jews are not only developing their “pride” but to educate them to “hate whites.” Terrible feeling to have 92% of the world against Whites! But the elections showed that clearly. For all the good we have done […]

Elvis & White Male

Elvis-a and Elvis “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”Elvis & Veteran’s Day. (very busy yesterday, will write more later) I cried when I did this video, but nowhere to the extent I cry at home at my computer. Here is a video of when I was on TV doing a tribute to Elvis for his 25th […]

Black Obama to visit Yellow Chinese on his first visit after election

Black Obama & Yellow Race. As I wrote in length earlier, the entire election was won by “hate” crimes against Whites by the other races who voted for a “Black” candidate and the blacks did nothing but leach for the last 400 years. The Jews got filthy rich off Whites, yellow Chinese Commies and Japanese […]

Romney / Obama Percent of White and non-White (Jew) voting

Romney/Obama Breakdown of Voting by Race % Here’s the breakdown of how many of these races voted for Romney and Obama For White Romney: White Race: 71% Hispanics: 25% Yellow Commie Descendants 24% Blacks: 4% (if that, that is probably an error for I’m sure they voted 100% for Obama; they are black racists on […]

White Eli Whitney: Cotton Gin Stolen like White Thomas Edison's Movie Machine Invention Here’s article about how this White man’s invention was stolen, the Cotton Gin, which replaced the necessity of needing black slaves, but were still given room and board and a good living by White men who didn’t need them as much if any. See Romney/Obama post below.

Black Obama: Other Races Stab our White Candidate in the Heart for all the good we did for them

Black Obama Votes: Jews, Browns, Blacks and their vote for Obama. Considering Whites are responsible for the Jew$ wealthy and World Monopoly, it amazes me how they turned against a White candidate: Romney. Same with blacks and browns. Whites gave black a home, civilized them, educated, gave up their own White Male of our species […]

White Germany, Jews and Circumcision

White Germany, Jews and Circumcision. When I had home birthing the Jewish doctor did not believe in circumcision. It is a religious practice, from what I learned, only for Semites, like Jews and Muslims. Or the Jews circumcise their male slaves, as our White men have been made to have their foreskin amputated for absolutely […]