Evanescence: Wake Me Up Inside

Evanescence: When I posted story of one of my suicide attempts not just for me but the baby I thought I’d might be carrying, I ended it with the word “Evanescent.” It didn’t fit in and wondered how that word popped into my head. I was going to change it but then looked it up. […]

Chicago, Black Obama, Jew SDS, Jew Haymarket Riot.

Obama’s Revolutionary Communist & Jew friends, Bill Ayers, Jewess Bernadine Doehrn, Black Panthers the most notorious gang in recent history, & more Communist Revolutionary Thugs that took over USA. They now rule the USA, and thru our White face with a Jewish mind, the World! Here’s some clips from my old research paper that I […]

Dictator Obama: Executive Order

Dictator Obama? No one wanted Hitler as a dictator cause he was White, but USA voted in Dictator Obama under the strangest circumstances in history. (Remember Building 7!) I have spent some time in the last several years calling House of Rep or Senate or signing internet petitions letting the people “we” put into office […]

"I Love You," Vanilla Ice

Love, Love, Love! Just as sex might be 10% of one’s relationship or marriage, karaoke singing also is great including 10% love songs, not just bashing songs. This song “I Love You,” is the flip side of “Ice Ice Baby.” I bought it on karaoke “cassette” (shows you how far I go back in karaoke!?) […]

Jewish Scare of Death: Atom Bomb

“Jude” is Jewish name and Paul named his son “Jude” they were so closely joined at hip: Jews and White Christian descendents! Beatles clearly stated that to be part of “entertainment” was to be part of Jewish “religion” not business. It’s a world wide religion that Whites now all belong to just as the Jewish […]

Jewish Vultures, Jewish Scavengers

White Dead Meat? In last post I wrote that General Ulysses S. Grant of North Civil War made an order to expel all Jews from Union, but was brought to his knees by Jewish pressure as was Governor George Wallace after trying to keep Whites separated in education. Now, if we don’t save our White […]

Karaoke Dream Last Night

Barbara Ann Nowak 32 minutes ago My karaoke costumed dream last night. I like to remember dreams, although I don’t believe in them necessarily. Sleep and dreams are good and our mind solves problems, or like karaoke, lets off steam & good for stress; good for motivation. Japanese and Chinese who have had historically great […]

Last Night I Dreamed

Karaoke Love Song & lyrics. We can pretend the couple is white in shadows, for I’m sure “all” the races really want to keep their race pure. I can’t find lyrics so I will write them out. Although I like some of the old music, I also like the hard rock, and love the songs […]

Suicidal Women

Suicidal Women “No Name Woman” is part of Hong Kingston (yellow Chinese) that emigrated to USA during the Chinese Communist Revolution, 1949. That was the year, my grandfather, Polish Russian general died, autobiographically speaking. I’m assuming that is when Jews began to weasel their back into China, since Chinese massacred them and drove them out […]