The Murder of Princess Diana

I had been thinking about the last time I saw my deceased husband, when I picked him up at the train station in Chicago to go to church and to hold on to his 2nd attempt at writing an autobiography about the horrific treatment against him as a White man in the homeless streets of […]

Stand by Your White Man

As you know, people have said I looked like her, although I’m aging gracefully without the Jewish knife ripping my face yet. They actually asked me about the picture. I told them I was my husband’s “slave,” and he was my “Master,” (I even taped the words over us and “psychiatrist” over Dr. Bellows head.)  […]

Sharon Angle, Jew, Nevada, Tea Party

Anyone for a tube of Super-Glue? As I have suggested, the Whites must unite and stick together, which is not evident at least in my life today, and I see the Whites growing further and further apart instead of uniting.   I’m reading some wonderful internet articles about the Jews in Europe and especially their […]

Jews Hate Crimes at Home Depot Against White Christian Male While the Jews are “hating” White Christian Males, I will preface all the “hate” crimes against them so that when they try to turn the tables and trick the public into make “me” the hater, there will be plenty of hate crimes against them. (As if the ones in my own personal experience isn’t […]

The Complete Guide to Killing non-Jews – Whites

I copied and pasted the following that the Jews are circulating on the internet amongst themselves. I received it from Pastor Eli who kindly sent this to me.   Settler Rabbi publishes “The complete guide to killing non-Jews” — UPDATED This is why five year old toddlers are routinely shot through the head by Israeli snipers.  […]

Sterilize all Jews & Money

You heard me right. It is time to Sterilize all Jews to prohibit them from multiplying and monopolizing and killing off our White Race.   I rarely listen to radio other than internet radio.  But I turn it on although it is usually so filled with commercials that scream to music and melody, “Buy me,” […]

Jews in Kennedy Assassination, More Proof

There are some very interesting things below.  But the pictures of our White Christian President with his bullet wounds and autopsy is most grieving. You see, we don’t “see” the wounds that Whites are going through. The only “scarey” pix are those of the poor “Jewish” victims, (richer than hell itself) at the Holocaust, which […]

Brown Mexican Damnation of our Country

As I started to write in my last email, the richest man in the world is now “brown.”  The Jews who took over Microsoft probably convinced Mrs. Bill Gates to “give” away his fortune to blacks, browns and Jews.   Please open the attachment of Bill Gates and the Jews. I sent a copy to […]