Jews and White President Nixon's Intentional Downfall

Jews & Nixon’s Downfall. Here’s White President Nixon, Elvis, and Bud Krogh, aid. Elvis wanted to stop Communism, which he studied for 10 yrs, especially brainwashing thru mind control, (and the illegal drugs) also brought in America as well as what Elvis never realized the Jewish pills he was addicted to. He never realized it […]

Chariot of the Gods, White Red-Headed Gods

Notes, songs, and youtubes posted on, barbara ann nowak, both yesterday and today. This is a full length movie, about our ancient ancestors. And around the world, these fabulous pyramids, mega statues, walls, show paintings and manuscripts of a (White) light-skinned red-headed, bearded man. That came “from” the stars and went back to stars. […]

How Jews Kill the White Heterosexual Male

We have already established Jews run the media, especially entertainment, by the honesty of the English Beatles’ own admission 50 years ago. That is 2 generations of Whites. We only have 4 more generations to go, until genocide, our final gasps of breath are right now. I came across this video accidentally. Since I have […]

It’s Midnight and I Miss You

I had written that the day I arrived in Vegas, May 30, 2004, Veteran’s Memorial Day, I sang a tribute to my husband even though 2,000 miles away in Chicago. I had never did a tribute to him for we were divorced and thought that is when the relationship ended. But “good’ doesn’t end, it […]

Power of Love: White Love, Celine Dion

Perhaps the Whites loving one another might be a good New Year’s Resolution. It can be within our our pro-Whites and amongst all Whites.  Perhaps we cannot love one another yet for the wars that we have endured, but at least to tolerate one another might be a good start. Surely all Whites around the […]

Jew Steals Polish Music

I’m going to do a song on Sunday, called “Could This Be the Magic?” to finish up my disco them. (Will do Abba also, and have done Bee Gees already several months ago.)   To me, this song had a very haunting melody. I don’t know if that ever happened to you, but I seem […]

Cannibalism PS: Yellows? Whites? Jews Selling Human White Flesh?

The cannibalism reported with was by White Russians or Yellows and no “Jews” were cannibalized.   I think the government taking over our food supply is dangerous; the Jews and Polish White government did it to my ancestors – 50,000 died of starvation for they lost the “mind” on how to provide food for themselves. […]

Cooking: Egg Salad, Blow an Egg Open

[youtube=][youtube=]   I’m making my own homemade mayonnaise. As I said before, in history of cooking, in France it was the man’s job to make the homemade mayonnaise, and that goes back to the 1700’s.   I loused up my first batch, and that is rare, but I’m using a different blender.   I watched […]

Paying for our Funeral Pyre

You may have received this, but wanted to comment.  If there is $100.00 of White Tax Dollars and we are giving away $99.00 for example, to Jews who skim off the top as in nursing homes with government subsidies, housing loans, Medicare, etc, and now “millions” for illegals to be housed in prisons (re: country […]