Israel vs. Iran

From the David Duke website: Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To Forget! From What Really Happened Read this article and watch No War for Israel in Iran!  – The corporate media have been given their orders to throw the focus back on to Iran. Here is a recap of what they are […]

White Knights: KKK

Well, I’ve performed 5 songs for tributes to our Armed Forced for Veteran’s Day. I have no problem with a military, especially with the rising and surpassing of other nations, such as China, who would die for White women, and white land for vegetables.  It is against Jewish wars that I have a problem.   […]

French History Revisionist gets Prison over Holocaust

Found this on Stormfront. I sent an email to sign the petition to get him released and the law changed in France.   For God’s sake the man has 8 children and a wife, and the Jewish laws and lawyers “torture” and “persecute” us today as they did Jesus Christ himself for telling the truth. […]

Scanners at Airport

It’s scary for they just keep advancing more and more against our precious and good way of life.   They invent the war, and then they put all the entire world under “surveillance.”  “They” should be under “surveillance!”   One thing I would point out is that I would “not” want “either” a “man” or […]

Rasputan the Russian healer murdered by a Jew

How Fascinating! Fascinating! In one of my last emails, I had just written of the death of the Czar, Czarina & family, and even their private healer, Rasputan, and I received this in my mailbox today.   So very interesting.  By seeing all these current places and people along with pictures of the past, it […]

Whites Bring 3rd Worlders into USA

We have to remember that there are 350 organizations that are “helping” non-Whites and Jews.  All this (White tax dollars are) $$$ being spent, could be spent to unite Whites, develop Whites, so that we may still be alive 100 years from now as a Race. Not to “compete” with other races, but to be our […]

Impeachment, Terrorism, Revolution?

I’m not advocating terrorism or revolution. We Whites have been victimized by both. They are quoting the Christian Science Monitor, as posing the question: “Will the Republicans impeach Obama?” If you look at the video, the woman decrying the US as terrorists is nothing but a Jewess terrorist herself. And her husband also, who from […]

Genocide of White Race "Ignored" by Jewish United Nations

If anyone knows of this “Rome” Code that exempts the White Race from Genocide, please let me know, for it protects Jews, and all the non-Whites of the world, 92%, and ignored and punishes the 8% White race. Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands Boîte postale 19519, 2500 CM La Haye, […]